The 5 Best Mechanics Tool Sets Under $100

Best Mechanics Tool Set Under 100

Best Mechanics Tool Set Under 1002Mechanics rely to a great extent upon their tools to get their work done and thus, it is necessary to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality to guarantee efficiency and eliminate the worry of the tool breaking in the middle of the job. Mechanics also use many tools to get their work done.

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Buying one tool at a time is a big hassle, and there is still a big chance that you will find that you do not have all the tools you need to complete your work when you are already halfway done bringing inconvenience. In addition to the inconvenience of buying one tool at a time, it is also very expensive, and that is why most do it yourself people prefer buying mechanics tool sets.

Mechanics tool sets come in a wide array of options and with a varying range of tools making selection quite difficult for most users especially the beginners. Making the right choice largely depends on your skill level and the machines that you will be repairing whether small or large.

The price of the mechanics tool set is also a major determinant of the quality of the materials used to manufacture the tools, but it does not necessarily mean that you cannot find a quality mechanics tool set under 100 dollars. If you are looking for a mechanics tool set under 100 dollars that will do the job perfectly, the following are some of the best.


The most affordable mechanic set with artistic features perfect for basic DIY projects

StanleyHomeowner’s Tool KitThe Stanley Homeowner’s Tool Kit featuring 65 piece of tools is the cheapest on this list, but one of the most artistic. This kit comes with all the tools that you may need to complete basic DIY projects around the home packaged in a blow molded case for easy tools portability and storage.

Despite being perfect for completing basic DIY projects, the tools are made of high-quality steel to ensure maximum performance. The handles of ratchet tool feature a helpful reverse switch mechanism that is thumb operated to help ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

The sockets in this 94-248 Homeowners Tool kit by Stanley feature Max-Drive design and a unique radius corner design that offers you 15-percent more torque than most standard sockets. Some of the tools included in this mechanics tool set include a 13-ounce hammer that helps reduce vibrations, a 16-foot tape with True-Zero end hook for accurate measurements, slip joint pliers, long nose pliers and two piece screwdriver set among others.

The most affordable mechanics tool set perfect for industrial applications

Crescent Mechanics Tool SetIf you are looking for the best mechanics tool set under 100 dollars that would enable you to repair mechanical and industrial applications, the Crescent Mechanics Tool Set is engineered to handle the tough tasks without the limiting price of the high-end tool sets.

The CTK170CMP2 tool set by Crescent comes with a carefully selected assortment of hand tools perfect for most consumer, mechanical and industrial applications in a sturdier blow mold case. The tools in this mechanics set are made from chrome vanadium steel alloy and are specially formulated and heat treated to ensure they are of high quality and offers resistance to abrasion and corrosion for extremely long life.

The mechanics tool set under $100 that gives you more value

Stanley Mixed ToolSetIf you are looking for a mechanics tool set that offers you most value, then the Stanley Mixed ToolSet is a perfect choice. The Stanley’s STMT73795 tool set comes with 210 piece tools that are chrome vanadium forged for torque, strength, and durability. The tools are also fully chrome finished for anti-corrosion protection.

This Stanley’s tool set comes with a complete range of metric-sized drive tools and sockets that are perfect for most mechanical applications. The drive tools are made of the highest quality steel and finished in high-polish chrome for durability and maximum functionality. The extensions and sockets included in this Stanley’s set are designed to remain locked onto the drive until you use a low profile quick release button that is easy to reach to disengage.

The other highlight of this tool set is that the sockets feature a Max-Drive design with a unique radius corner design that lets you easily tighten fasteners. Some of the tools in this set include 8-inch groove joint pliers, cushion grip screwdrivers, 8-inch long nose pliers, 6-inch adjustable wrench and a Dyna Grip retractable utility knife.

The best affordable mechanics tool set for medium DIY mechanical jobs

Craftsman Mechanic toolIf you are a serious mechanic with a limited budget, but you would like a mechanic set that handles pressure and lets you work on both threads, the Craftsman Mechanic tool set is the perfect solution. The 108-piece 009-38108 Craftsman tool set comes with a large selection of high-quality SAE and Metric Sockets at an amazing price.

The tool set features 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch drive sizes that include deep and regular sockets in both metric and inch sizes with a quick release ratchet. The tool also comes with two sets of six 1/4-inch drive 6 pt sockets, six 3/8-inch drive 6 pt deep sockets for Metric and Inch, and two open end wrenches, magnetic bit handle, 12 nut driver bits, two quick release ratchets and ten screwdriver bits among others.

The cheapest mechanics tool set that can handle the toughest mechanical jobs

Stanley Mechanics Tool setIf you are looking for a cheap alternative to the costly high-end mechanic tool set without compromising on the quality of tools, the Stanley Mechanics Tool set is what you need. The Stanley’s STMT71654 tool set comes with 201 pieces of tools, which are more than enough to handle almost every DIY task in your garage and around your home.

The tools are made from high nickel or black chrome and feature an artistic design that ensures maximum functionality and durability. The innovate radius corner design gives the Stanley sockets a15-percent more torque, which lets you tighten fasteners more easily.

The Max-Drive design also helps to simplify the turning of the rounded corners for better productivity. The other important highlight of the Stanley mechanics tool sets is the amazing customer service that helps solve buyers’ problems quickly and satisfactorily.

Best Mechanics Tool Set Under 1003Whether you are looking for a mechanics tool set that can handle most basic DIY tasks or a tool set that offers you with many tools option to handle all the tasks in your garage, there is an under 100 dollars tools set that is perfect for you.

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All mechanics tool sets featured in this guide are perfect for their intended role, but it is imperative to ensure that you are buying the best mechanic tool set for your garage needs to guarantee satisfaction.