The 5 Best Rolling Tool Boxes for the Money

Best Rolling Tool Box for the Money

Best Rolling Tool Box for the Money2Are you a DIYer? Are you looking for a perfect storage space for your tools? Do you desire a hassle-free rolling toolbox? Are you looking for the best rolling tool box for the money? Well, this is your lucky day! This page contains reviews of the best rolling toolbox kits.

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As a handy man, you should know what to look for when choosing a rolling tool box. An ideal tool box will ensure that you have easy accessibility to tools, enough space for all essential tools and smooth portability. Here are some questions to guide you:

  • What are the sizes of your tools?
  • Are the tools for business or just simple tasks in the garage?
  • How many tools do you desire to store?
  • What about the durability?
  • Will you be using the tool box often?

Now that you have known what to look for, take a look at the following reviews.


The perfect blend between price and product features

Stanley 018800R Mobile Work CenterThe Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center is one-of-a-kind portable storage unit. It brings in easy rolling portability and provides maximum space for storing tools. In addition, this toolbox comes with a fold down handle and large wheels that make moving from one job to the next as easy as 123. In short, this mobile center offers you the best organization.

By owning this work center, you will enjoy exclusive features such as; large bin for level tools, power tools or any other large tools, a slide down door with easy shut snap and a portable tray for hand tools (present in top tool compartment).


  • Very durable.
  • Large wheels for easy rolling portability.
  • Offers a shut snap option.
  • Handle folds down for storage.


  • You have to put more weight at the bottom compartment for better balancing.
  • The top work center is too flexible – doesn’t maintain its rectangular shape.

There’s no better offer than this

Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in1 MobileWork CentreAnyone who desires to carry out simple home repairs or professional repairs will find Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in1 MobileWork Centre to be very useful. Unlike other rolling toolboxes, this model enables professionals to remain organized when transporting tools, parts and materials from one jobsite to the next.

It comes with cantilever-like multilevel unit that makes it easy for users to access tools. For instance, plumbers, electricians or repair technicians will enjoy a large bottom bin, organizer, tray and a toolbox. To sweeten the deal, its organizer has removable dividers which can be set to accommodate hand tools or small parts. Other features include; a large front latch to lock the whole unit, telescopic handle for easymovement and a quick push to close feature in the latch system.


  • Has a durable structural foam construction
  • Ideal for both professionals and DIYers.
  • Offers easy accessibility to all tools.
  • Very ergonomic.


  • · The system might be wimpy at times.
  • · The pull out handle is too short.

Ideal for any application – Roomy, Sturdy & Durable

Keter Multiple Storage PlasticPortableThe Keter Multiple Storage Plastic Portable is exceptionally great for transporting tools not only around the jobsite but also in the house. Its lower cart has an open space suitable for bulky or large tools. The upper section is good for organizing smaller parts or tools.

Any DIYer or home specialist who desires to keep his/her tools closer will find the 3-cubic feet of storage area to be very resourceful. Each of the sections has removable inserts for protecting and organizing smaller items. For better portability, this work center has 5.7 inch rubber track wheels attached at the bottom.

To ensure that the system is durable, Keter used durable polypropylene which is resistant to mechanical damage. Lastly, each box has metal latches that ensure a tight fit is present when storing – protects tools from elements.


  • Ideal for professional contractors as its material is not of plastic quality.
  • Has a very large compartment.
  • Offers great organizing and is very sturdy.
  • Very durable.


  • If not handled carefully, latches might break down.
  • The top portable case might become loose after some time.

More than just a toolbox – efficient in every way

BOSTITCH BTST19802Rolling Tool BoxNo matter how ideal a rolling toolbox is, it can get bulky especially when loaded. Can you picture yourself dragging a toolbox when there’s ice on the ground or when the temperatures are too hot? Yes, it’s not a very nice picture to look at.

Fortunately, the BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box allows you to split it into half so that you don’thave to deal with the whole weight. This is a 2-in-1 unit that are completely detachable from each other.

Each of the compartments are very spacious hence professional handymen can store saws, work belts, drills and other tools. There are also several trays which can slide open – suitable for smaller and delicate items.


  • Its slides are fitted with heavy duty ball bearings.
  • Has a huge load capacity of up to 70 pounds.
  • Can be split into two separate parts.
  • Suitable for any working environment.


  • The bottom door latch is made from brittle material hence might break when too much force is applied.
  • Drawers might stick.

Excellent quality & design – totally worth it!

Keter New Masterloader PlasticPortable Rolling Organizer Tool BoxThe Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box is more than just a rolling toolbox. It’s a sophisticated container for any tools and material. It’s the perfect storage solution.

This rolling toolbox is made from polypropylene hence is very durable and resistant to any mechanical damage. In most cases, this toolbox comes in silver or red colors. In addition, it’s resistant to rust and corrosion hence its original look will last longer.

This model is equipped with two wheels anda handle that facilitate portability and maneuverability. Other outstanding features of this tool box include; central locking mechanism, an integrated organizer, two removable bins on lid, compartmentalized bins and a tool divider for organizing tools.


  • Resistant to corrosion, rust and mechanical damage.
  • Has removable cups suitable for storing batteries, first aid, forks, spoons, knives and more.
  • It can be used as a work surface or bench.
  • Very portable and accessible.


  • Even though portable, it’s not easy to carry.

Best Rolling Tool Box for the Money3Now that you have honest reviews of the top ranked rolling tool boxes, you should make your order today. Be certain that you will enjoy the best rolling tool box for the money.

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You should also ensure that you make an order from trusted suppliers for high quality products. Hurry up.