The 5 Best Rolling Tool Chests for the Money

Best Rolling Tool Chest for the Money

Best Rolling Tool Chest for the Money2Are you thinking about purchasing a new rolling tool chest? There are many options to consider if you are. Do you want plastic or steel? How much do you want to spend? How many drawers do you need? We researched numerous rolling tool chests and narrowed down the list to the top five best models.

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We looked for rolling tool chests that are durable and offer security for your tools and other valuables. All of the rolling tool chests on our list are currently available on This list will certainly help you determine what the best rolling tool chest is for you.


Most Versatile Rolling Tool Chest

Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in-1This item — Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in-1— provides lots of options for storing your tools. It works well for moving tools and other gear to and from jobsites. It is a multilevel cantilever-style unit that enables full access to tools. The organizer has removable dividers so you can customize how your tools are stored. The bottom bin is large enough to store oversized, heavy items, like power tools.

This work station features sturdy structural foam construction. It has a telescopic handle that allows for easy maneuverability. Its latch system is simple to use. A single large latch locks the entire work station. This item measures 21.6”x21.25”x15.2” and weighs just 19.3 pounds. When filled with heavy tools, the weight can climb to over 100 pounds, which is a lot ofweight for its wheels to support. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The one caveat to this product is that its shell is made from plastic, which isn’t as durable as metal. It is prone to crack when left outside in very low temperatures.

Best Rolling Tool Chest for Average Use

Excel TB220XAB – Steel Chest RollerCombinationThis unit — Excel TB220XAB – Steel Chest RollerCombination — measures 28.5” x 26” x 15.5. It weighs 63 pounds when empty and will weigh roughly 150 pounds when full. It features ball bearing slide drawers. The chest is lockable to protect valuable tools.

This chest has side handles. It comes with a storage compartment, full-length aluminum drawer pulls, 3”x1” casters, and is finished with a black industrial powder coat paint finish. Its durable finish resists scratches and chemical damage. The casters make maneuvering this rolling tool chest simple.

Steel construction makes for a fairly sturdy tool chest. It’s appropriate for average use. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line rolling tool chest that’s appropriate for heavy industrial use, you’ll probably want to spend the extra money to buy a tougher unit. Another concern is that there may be an issue with its packaging as several users reported damage during shipping.

Best Cheap Rolling Tool Chest

Stanley STST18613 RollingWorkshopThis rolling tool chest — Stanley STST18613 RollingWorkshop — measures 18.1” x 11.6” x 24.3” and weighs only 9.8 pounds. It comes with a telescopic handle for easy movability. The only issue with the telescopic handle is that, even if you extend it to the maximum length, it’s still pretty short. This may be problematic for tall people who want to move it around frequently. It comes with removable trays.

You can use the unit with or without the removable trays. There is a large bin on the bottom for storing larger, heavier tools. It does not come with a lock, but you can secure your tools and accessories by simply adding a padlock to the outside. It comes fully assembled.

One con is that it’s made from plastic, which isn’t the most durable material. However, if it was made from a stronger material, the price point would certainly increase to the point where we wouldn’t be able to refer to it as the best cheap rolling tool chest. Even though it’s made to withstand the weight of heavier tools, consumers could use it for other uses, as well. Consider using it to store fishing supplies, sewing supplies, etc.

Best Traditional Rolling Tool Chest

Craftsman 5-Drawer Tool ChestThis unit — Craftsman 5-Drawer Tool Chest— is quite large, measuring 54” x 27” x 14” and offers 12 cubic feet of storage. It weighs a very solid 69 pounds. Craftsman is well-known for the high quality of their tools and tool chests. This is no exception.

It features a hinged top that will keep the lid open so you can access the tools you need quickly and easily. It has a very large bulk bottom drawer for storing large and heavy items. Steel drawer sliders enable easy opening and closing. It offers an external keyedlocking system that offers solid security. It has a baked enamel finish that’s very durable.

It has recessed plastic handles on the side. Each drawer holds up to 25 pounds of tools and accessories. It has 3”x1” caster wheels. Two of the casters are rigid, one is a swivel model, and one is a swivel with brake.

Top Rated Rolling Tool Chest

KeterMasterloader Tool Box StorageThis item — Keter Masterloader Tool Box Storage— measures 24.2” x 16.3” x 14.9” and weighs 15 pounds. Using a well-constructed, thoughtfully-designed tool chest makes any job go more smoothly. It provides an efficient and simple way to store small hand tools and accessories along with heavier power tools. It provides security, too, in the form of acentral automatic locking mechanism.

The compartmentalized bins are wonderful for organizing small accessories. The drawers pull and push easily. The plastic outer shell is surprisingly sturdy and resistant to scratches and dents. The upper bins slide apart revealing the main storage bin underneath. It features ball bearing sliders so you don’t have to remove the top bins in order to access tools below.

The wheels are coated in deep-tread rubber to grip the ground/floor surface. The extendable handle is easy to retract. This unit is the top rated rolling tool chest because it has garnered hundreds of positive customer reviews. As with other plastic tool chests, the con associated with this item is that plastic is not as strong as steel or aluminum. However, if you’ve decided that a plastic rolling tool chest is right for you, then you’ll probably be very satisfied with this one.

Best Rolling Tool Chest for the Money3We hope you enjoyed our look at the best rolling tool chests that are on the market.

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Remember that the best tool chest is the one that best suits your particular needs, so be sure to take the time to do your product homework before you buy in order to get the best deals.