The Best 5 Tool Bags in the World

Best Tool Bag in the World

Best Tool Bag in the World2When searching out the best tool bag for power tools it’s important to compare. Handymen are often traveling from site to site. They also have the need to quickly load and unload tools for years. That type of need deserves that type of design and durability.

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Carrying everything from hand tools to power tools gives the reason for these great options. The job designs the tool. And the tool designs the bag. Let’s take a look at the best around. Options include free standing, innovative designs, included small part carry cases.

There are also hands-free designs and options for maximum durability. What you must ask yourself is what type of jobs and tools do you have? How will you store them, transport them, and use them when you get to the job? Time to take a look.


Great Space for Heavy Tools

Custom LeatherCraft 1539 18 Multi-Compartment Tool CarrierExploring the Custom LeatherCraft 1539 18 Multi-Compartment Tool Carrier. Loads of pockets to store a variety of sizes. Let’s check it out.

  • Enough pockets to get the job done. Includes four pockets on the outside and fifty four pockets on the inside. Perfect for keeping everything in reach for jobs you’ve prepared for.
  • Organized from small to big. Features smaller outside pockets for easy carry items and a roomy interior center pocket for bulkier items which tend to snag when arriving to and leaving the job.
  • Side panel security. To keep everything in place and not spilling onto the ground tough zippers have been added to the side panels. Perfect for quick use and easy and secure storage.

Pros: Plenty of lengthwise space for heavy tools. Easily secured. Easily accessed.

Cons: Top heavy when not carried with the shoulder straps. Hard to access side panels as not free standing.

Easy Access on the Job with this Large Mouth Bag

Custom LeatherCraft 1165 22 Pocket Large BigMouth Bag (16 Inches)Next we have the Custom LeatherCraft 1165 22 Pocket Large BigMouth Bag (16 Inches).

  • Plenty of pockets inside and out. With ten pockets on the outside and twelve multi-use style pockets on the inside you’ll find the fit you need.
  • Big mouth opening up top. Bag is designed to open wide to provide an ease of access you won’t find in other bags.
  • Heavy reinforcement for heavy loads. Stitched together with super heavy duty construction for extreme hold on all the stress points around the bag.

Pros: Super sized opening at the top can aid in the speed of tool retrieval. Also includes a surrounding series of easy access pockets for hand tools of all sizes.

Cons: The width of the bag handles a wide variety of tools but the length and cords may not allow the bag to zip. The side pockets are not secured so contents could spill if the bag tips.

Super Stable Free Standing with Extra Storage Perfect for Small Parts

Custom LeatherCraft 1528 23 Pocket Tool CarrierOn to the Custom LeatherCraft 1528 23 Pocket Tool Carrier. The innovative design puts this bag on the list.

  • Designed for electrical and maintenance. Features 23 pockets for all the types of tools and accessories you may need on routine electrical and maintenance jobs.
  • Plastic tray with separators included. Six by eleven inch multiple compartment hard plastic tray is designed to fit securely fitting to be the bottom of the bag.
  • Free standing construction. Especially constructed in a box shape for the ability to sit easily without tipping.

Pros: Ease of storage and usage because of the special box design to keep bag from tipping over. Included compartment try makes it easy to access smaller parts.

Cons: The vertical design makes it clunky when handling top heavy tools unless loaded heavily at the bottom. Limited outside pockets.

Innovative and Comfortable Backpack Design

Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack 48-PocketFor a different take on carrying your tools to the job site check out the Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack 48-Pocket.

  • Put the squeeze on bulky items. Features a compression pocket that is adjustable to accept all types of bulky hard to fit times. Compression keeps items from moving during movement.
  • A backpack with comfort in mind. Equipped with a padded support for your back along with a chest and shoulder straps that are adjustable.
  • Plenty of pockets to get the job done. A total of seven pockets on the outside and forty one pockets on the inside you will be able to store and tote a variety of tool sizes and accessories.

Pros: Portability is the main pro with this bag. You are able to carry a secured load right on your back like a traditional backpack. This also frees your hands up while carrying a variety of tools and accessories.

Cons: Backpack design doesn’t provide room to hang larger tools out of the top without risking an imbalance. Also the weight distribution does not allow the unit to be freestanding when not in tote.

Simple Tough Durable Design with Covered Pockets

Rothco Mechanics Tool BagAnd finally for the Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag. Let the simplicity and toughness lead the way.

  • Simple construction stable storage. With a box shape the more you load in the more stable this bag becomes. This adds to your benefit in storage, transporting it and on the job.
  • Interior and exterior pockets for secure toting. Covered exterior pockets keep your contents safe even in an environment like an attic or outside where snags and dropping tools is undesirable.
  • Heavy duty canvas and construction. All components are super heavy duty for superior durability. Perfect to dust off at the end of any job. Long lasting performance for heavy duty usage.

Pros: Simplicity of design and low profile make for both easy carrying and easy access to tools on the job site. The boxlike construction provides a stable base when the bag is open as heavier items stabilize the bottom.

Cons: With pockets on the inside and outside built into the simple open zippered interior and button covered exterior there isn’t the ability to carry heavier or longer tools out of the top without compromising the openings.

Best Tool Bag in the World3Now you have a great list of options for every type of job you might encounter.

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Keep in mind your vehicle, tool storage with typical work space and job site. When you do all the math and add up all the factors you’ll find everything you need is only a click away.