The 5 Best Tool Boxes for Your Toyota Tacoma

Best Tool Box for Toyota Tacoma2If you own a Toyota Tacoma and are in the market for a new tool box, you’ve come to the right place. We researched a variety of tool boxes that are compatible with Toyota Tacomas and narrowed down the list to the top five best models. We looked for tool boxes that were easy to install and offered security for your tools and other valuables.

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Whether you’re looking for a full-size crossover tool box or a smaller side tool box, we have something for you. All of the tool boxes on our list are currently available on so you don’t have to think too hard about where to get them when you need one.


Best Tool Box for Small and Midsize Trucks

DeeZee DZ 6160N Crossover Tool BoxThis item — DeeZee DZ 6160N Crossover Tool Box — measures 60”x 14.2”x 12”, making it the perfect tool box for small and midsize trucks. Its slim profile saves space in your truck’s bed. This tool box can be installed quickly and easily. It’s made from 0.056 Aluminum Tread Brite that doesn’t rust and is therefore suitable for those looking for durability.

It features locking stainless steel paddle handle latches and a closed cell foam gasket that prevents the elements (water, air,etc.) from entering the box. Superior strength comes from a 3-piece body and internal bends. This tool box offers dampened gas shocks and self-adjusting strikers. J-Bolt mounting hardware is included.

In addition to the many positive features of this item, there has been at least one instance of the lid wrinkling after a short time. Some consumers have also questioned whether the lighter gauge aluminum is adequate for securing tools and other valuables outside at a job site or locations where theft may be a concern. All in all, it has continued to fascinate many due to its many other positive features.

Best Side Mount Tool Box

UWS TBSM-36 Single Lid Side Mount Tool BoxThis unit — UWS TBSM-36 Single Lid Side Mount Tool Box —measures 36” x 11.2” x 11. It’s available in 5 different lengths to fit most tool box configurations and truck bed sizes. It has insulated lids and sturdy leg brackets, which make it an excellent choice for serious maintenance/construction jobs.

This tool box mounts onto the bed rail above the wheel well. It features a 1-piece aluminum tub that’s designed to prevent leaks, absorb drops, and support hefty loads. It’s finished in a black powder-coated aluminum diamond tread. Dirt, dust, and moisture won’t enter the tool box due to MicroSeal stripping. It comes with 2 built-in tool trays that make the box extra rigid while keeping tools easily accessible.

One consumer reported that, despite manufacturer claims, this tool box actually does not prevent things like rain and dust from entering the tool box. On the bright side though, UWS offers a full 1-year warranty with this item.

Best Side Tool Box for Strength

UWSTBS-63-A-LP-MB Tool BoxThis tool box — UWSTBS-63-A-LP-MB Tool Box — measures 19.2” x 8.7” x 5.9” and sits 2” lower on your truck bed rail for a sleek look and a better view from the back window. It features a fully-foamed, patented lid that creates a wall between outer aluminum layers, which helps prevent warping and bending.

It comes with stainless steel lock handles that provide security, strength, and product that will remain free from rust. Its lid opens 90 degrees for simple loading and removal of equipment and tools. This tool box includes a 3-compartment sliding tray for storing small items.

It also includes 2 built-in tool trays and screwdriver holders, which keep tools easily accessible and provide extra rigidity and strength. Dirt, dust, and moisture won’t enter the tool box due to MicroSeal stripping. It offers a connecting rod enclosure to prohibit its contents from jamming or bending its locking system.

It comes with self-closing struts that automatically close the lid with just a slight manual pull — helpful when hands are full. It features a 0.063” 1-piece aluminum tub that’s designed to prevent leaks, absorb drops, and support hefty loads. Mounting hardware in including, though one user reported that the enclosed hooks resulted in part of the bolt sticking up into the toolbox. UWS offers a full 1-year warranty with this item.

Best Genuine Toyota Accessories Tool Box

Genuine PT767-35052 Tool Storage BoxThis unit — Genuine PT767-35052 Tool Storage Box— measures 33.4” x 14.9” x 13.3”, providing 1.8 cubic feet of storage. It’s designed to hold up to 50 lbs of gear. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum that features a powder-coated finish.

It’s made to resist corrosion. It was designed for flexible, simple mounting to either side of the truck’s deck rail system, for a total of 4 locations. It features a durable cam lock and lid support for extra strength. It offers a plugged drain hole for simple cleaning. It features side rubber gaskets and an automotive bulb seal front.

This tool box provides secure and clean storage/protection for tools and other valuables. Toyota also offers a matching crossover tool box. No real cons to this tool box, though consumers should be aware of its dimensions before ordering because it is relatively small.

Best Swing Cover Tool Box

UnderCover SC401 Side Storage BoxThis item — Under Cover SC401 Side Storage Box — measures 34” x 16” x8.5”. It provides secure, convenient, out-of-the-way storage and easy access to the tailgate. The tool box will not interfere with hauling sheet materials, like plywood.

It mounts up and out-of-the-way, which allows the entire truck bed to be utilized. The swing cover takes just a few minutes to install with self-tapping screws. It comes with a padlock loop that offers extra security.It features a moisture seal that keeps the contents of the box dry. It comes with a secure twist lock that allows users to open the tool box with or without a key.

This tool box is compatible with many tonneau covers. One downside to this product is that it’s made from plastic, so it may not be appropriate with extremely heavy loads.

Best Tool Box for Toyota Tacoma3We hope you enjoyed our look at the best tool boxes for Toyota Tacomas. Remember that the best tool box is the one that best suits your particular needs, so be sure to do your research before you buy.

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What’s more, you can be sure that you will continue cruising in your Toyota Tacoma without having to fear being grounded at the prospect of missing these tools, thanks to their availability.