The Best 5 Tool Boxes under $500

Best Tool Box under 500

Best Tool Box under 5002It is important for anyone who owns or operates a truck to also own a functional tool box. There are tool boxes that are specifically designed for use and storage in trucks and other automobiles.

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This top 5 review list is user-friendly as it features the best tool boxes under $500.


Built to Last

Williams 32 inch job site boxThe Williams 32 inch job site box is a tool box that is particularly designed with security and functionality in mind. It is made using a heavy duty 16 gauge steel construction. This makes it strong enough to withstand heavy use without denting or even breaking.

It has a weight capacity of 3500 lbs which is higher than ordinary tool boxes. This enables you to store some of your heavy tools without the destroying or interfering with the toolbox’s quality.

The handles on this tool box are constructed using a recessed design. This enables the box to be stored and stacked in a space-saving manner. It also facilitates a secure grip hence making carrying this box easy and comfortable.

The locking area of this tool box is made using a concealed and recessed design. This is solely meant to heighten the security of your tools. Drills and bolt cutters cannot damage the lock which makes this tool box difficult to tamper with.

The seams all around this box are fully welded hence guaranteeing maximum strength. The lid is also made using an overlapping design. This is targeted towards protecting the Williams 50950 tool box from the bad weather as well as forced entry. This lid is also constructed using a heavy duty industrial steel which protects the box from accidental closure. It has a tread plate design all over which is meant for a rugged durability.

However, it would have been better if the legs would have been constructed with more welds.

Best Value for your Money

Knaack job site storage chestMeasuring 19 inches in width, 36 inches in length and 21 1/2 inches in height, the Knaack job site storage chest is a spacious one. It is engineered to create a mobile storage for tools, equipment and other supplies that you may need for your truck.

The general construction of the Knaack Jobmaster tool box is made using a 16 gauge steel construction. This makes it a strong piece of metal hence durable. The durability of this box gives you value for your money.

The arc seams are fully welded to give it a smooth and secure finish. This together with the industrial powder coat finish, resist wear and tear as well as damage hence adding life to the box.

The hinges are welded and made of heavy duty metal. This is ideal for resisting pry and theft attempts from intruders.

The skids on this tool box are pre-punched in order to facilitate easy fork lifting and installation of casters. This way, you will be able to move the box. There also is a two-point latching on both corners of the cover. It is aimed at providing extra theft protection over the tool box.

It can endure severe weather and abuse of multiple users.

Efficient Tool Storage

Montezuma Portable Tool BoxIf you are looking for the best tool box for the back of your truck, the Montezuma Portable Tool Box is the ideal chest for you. It features a strong construction of 100-inch thick tread brite aluminum. This way, you can be guaranteed of its durability and security.

The seams on the Montezuma LA400B are welded to give it a smooth finish. Easier locking and unlocking of this tool box is facilitated using a lock cylinder that has double-cut keys.

This tool box has a unique design which enables you to have a view of the inventory with one glance. Unlike other tool boxes that require the tools to be placed on drawers, this one requires them to be inserted into the inbuilt sockets within. This way, you are only left with the view of the head of the tool. This peep view design facilitates the storage of multiple tools,

There is additional storage of tools underneath the socket tray. Its unique storage design enables the tools to remain secure in place even when in transit on rough roads. This tool box is designed in such a way that once you close the lid, you can roll the box around in any direction yet the tools will still be in place when you open it up.

The construction design of this tool box makes it water resistant and when you lock the lid when mounted securely in place, it is theft resistant.

The side handles are sturdy hence making the portability of the box easy. It has a powder coat paint finish that keeps it scratch free.

Heavy Duty Construction

Grizzly 48-Inch Tool BoxThe Grizzly 48-Inch Tool Box is of high quality and designed with ample space for your onsite tools. Its steel construction guarantees durability hence adding value for your money.

This tool box is tamper resistant and is designed with a double locking system which provides ample security for your tools. It is also designed with a full access top. This has double lid support to ensure that the lid remains open while you use the tools. The steel lid is also constructed to resist damage of load placed on top of it.

The side handles are wide enough to facilitate a comfortable grip hence easy portability. It has an elevated base that facilitates easy forklift access. Casters can be added as well. The lid is water resistant and keeps the inside of the tool box dry hence preventing weather damage of your tools.

However, it is spot welded with some seams longer than others.

Best for Saw Storage

Grizzly Front H8085 Tool BoxThe Grizzly Front H8085 Tool Box is designed to specifically hold saws (G0605Xand G0606X). It is designed with ball bearing slides to facilitate easy mobility.

It is finished off with powder coated paint to guard it against scratches and paint peels. It measures 18X28X29 inches hence easy to store without taking too much space.

Best Tool Box under 5003These toolboxes differ from each other in construction and functionality so as to meet different users’ needs. Before settling on a particular one, ensure that its features meet your basic requirements of a toolbox.

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The fact that they are priced below $500 dollars makes owning a good toolbox possible.