The Best 5 Tool Boxes for Trucks Reviews

Best Tool Boxes for Trucks Reviews

Best Tool Boxes for Trucks Reviews2Your truck is of great value for you and your work, and so are the tools you carry along for your daily errands. However, most pickup trucks do not come equipped with a facility in which you can lock up these important items securely. This makes your tools and valuables prone to vandalism at the truck bed.

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For this and to also avoid keeping your tools at your truck’s cab, truck tool boxes are a great storage solution. This thus makes it important to do some research about the best toolboxes for trucks. There are however, some factors to consider as you go out there in the market.

Of these, durability, ease of operation, affordable cost and appropriate size are some considerations to make before choosing your ideal product. to ease the process for your, here are some of the the most recommended truck tool boxes to look for.


Best Truck Toolbox for the Money

Northern Toll Plus Equipment Truck BoxThis product – the Northern Toll Plus Equipment Truck Box is constructed from one-piece solid aluminum. Additionally, it is reinforced with lid brace for maximum resilience. To provide secure closure, it contains impressive self-adjusting strikers and stainless steel locking handle latches.

There is also a weather resistant seal finish to keep it rust and dust free. This also provides for maximum durability. The toolbox is easy to mount and versatile enough to fit securely in the bed of a standard mid-sized truck. It comes with universal notches that make it versatile enough to fit in different truck models.

Despite being a heavy duty box, the low-profile unit doesn’t limit the storage space in your truck. It provides unobstructed visibility from the cab area. It is also easier to operate than the regular toolbox. It can be opened and closed using one arm.


  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to mount and operate
  • Stylish design


  • Brittle Construction
  • Lightweight construction requires gentle handling.

Best Toolbox for Trucks for Visibility

Better Built Low Profile Crossover Tool BoxThis item – Better Built Low Profile Crossover Tool Box is another good choice when looking for convenience in a truck toolbox. With the entire body constructed from aluminum, it has a low profile design that provides you with clear view of the truck bed from the cab area.

For enhanced item security, the product is equipped with paddle locking latches made from stainless steel. The body has a reliable weather resistant finish to protect the toolbox from corrosion effects of weather elements. This item is one of the best toolbox products from Better Built (manufacturer) and is constructed to fit well in most full-sized trucks. It measures only about 69 inches in length.


  • Provides great truck bed visibility
  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for larger tools
  • Stylish design


  • The item is not quite popular – Buying it might require trying the item first

Top Rated Tool Box for Trucks

Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle BoxThe Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Box is one of the most durable tool box for trucks in the market. It is also easy to use, and convenient. Just like the name goes, the body is constructed from high quality material. It also features a weather seal finish on the top surface.

This means enhanced durability and elegance. It also offers maximum security for your valuables at the bed of the truck, thanks to its enhanced locking system. The toolbox features a one-touch opening system from the automotive style rotary latches it is equipped with. It also features flexible attachment points, making it suitable for larger tools.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • High quality construction
  • Suitable for larger items
  • Numerous accessories
  • Adjustable parts


  • A few Packaging and delivery irregularities

Best Tool Box for Full-Sized Trucks

Viper Tool Storage Truck BoxWhen convenience and size matters most, the Viper Tool Storage Truck Box can be a great choice. This white, 70-inch truck toolbox contains various drawers that lock independently. This design gives you secure and organized equipment storage.

To ensure smooth and easy opening, the item is equipped with gas strut system on the lid. The ball bearing-equipped drawers also make it easy and fun to use. It is suitable for most full sized trucks and has a durable construction. These make it a good investment.


  • Durable
  • Easy operation
  • Quick access to items
  • Drawer compartments that offer organized storage
  • Suitable for big truck beds


  • Can succumb to discoloring due to white body finish
  • Not so popular – The item hasn’t been tried many truck owners
  • Small unit – the item is a bit smaller for than available alternatives

Best Tool Box for Mid-Sized Trucks

Lund Tradesman Full Lid Truck ToolboxThis unit – the Lund Tradesman Full Lid Truck Toolbox is another go-to kind of toolbox. It can be a great option when looking for a durable, secure, and highly functional unit. The unit features a reliable aluminum-made design for convenient strength and resilience.

The unit’s body features a black diamond-plated finish to provide weather resistance. This finish also keeps the toolbox looking elegant for long, as it protects it from scratches and beatings. It offers great visibility, giving a clear view of the bed from the truck’s cab. It measures about 70 inches in length, making it a suitable choice for most mid-sized trucks.

This tool box also features a convenient locking mechanism. This ensures top security for your personal items and tools on the truck bed. Having been manufactured by a leading brand in the automotive industry, users are assured of a great, dependable investment.


  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Low profile design
  • Offers good bed visibility
  • Versatile – suitable for multiple uses
  • Stylish product
  • Easy to mount and operate


  • Features only one drawer compartment
  • A bit fragile for heavy use

Best Tool Boxes for Trucks Reviews3The common thing about all the above items is that they are the best toolboxes for trucks in the market. They enhance security for your essential tools and personal equipment. They also guarantee you a less stressful experience at the cab of your truck. Buying one of these is nothing less than a wise investment.

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They can be counted among some of your most significant belongings. From our expert review, these products will provide you with convenience and peace of mind as you go on with your regular day tio day activities.