The 5 Best Tool Chests for Your Home Garage

Best Tool Chest for Home Garage

Best Tool Chest for Home Garage2Every home needs a tool chest when the need for quick fixes and projects arises. This may go a long way in saving you money as you do not have to hire a repair guy every so often.

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There is a wide variety of tool chests in the market. These are targeted towards meeting different users’ needs. However, there are some standard requirements that each tool chest should meet.

  • The size of your tools- Smaller tools are ideal for shallow drawers
  • Durability of the cabinet- Structural strength and rigidity
  • How often the chest will be used- ball bearing drawer slides are built for heavy use
  • Does it need to be moved frequently? Larger casters hold more weight. Wheels facilitate mobility and wheel locks create


Best Value for Your Money

Blue 26''-Top ChestThe Blue 26”-Top Chest features 5 ball-bearing drawers. These offer ample storage space for multiple tools. The lid has an activated locking bar. These drawers open all the way leaving about an inch short of full extension. Closing the lid along with the drawers automatically closes the cabinet. However, the lid has to be open in order for the drawers to open up. The lid houses a top tray hence additional storage space.

The Excel BT2105X is also designed with recessed side handles. These facilitate easy portability of the tool box from one place to another. The recessed design is commonly used for modern designs as the box does not have to use more storage space due to protruding handles.

This chest is made using cold rolled steel. A metal that is strong enough to handle the task ahead. It is finished off with an appealing blue industrial powder coat finish.

A common complaint about this equipment is that it isn’t deep enough. If you intend to store wrenches and hammers, you’ll need to do so sideways. This positioning of tools may end up limiting the storage space in each drawer.

Easy to Maneuver Chest

Steel Chest Drawer Cabinet CombinationThe Steel Chest Drawer Cabinet Combination 22-inch tool chest is a suitable addition to any workshop or garage. Unlike most home tool boxes, this one is fitted with wheels which facilitate easy maneuverability. It is engineered for portability and maximum storage of tools. It houses 4 ball bearing drawers which make the opening and closing of the cabinet an easy sliding process.

The four shelves include 2 storage trays (top), and one on the bottom compartment, and a full-length aluminum drawer pull. These are all spacious enough to hold multiple tools. This cabinet also features two swivels with locks 3 by 1-inch casters. It is finished off with an appealing black powder paint finish. This special kind of finish protects the cabinet from scratches and chemical damages.

Despite the strong construction of the exterior, this box is made of flimsy material. The shelves are made of a thin metal. Heavy tools will dent them. The hinges of the canisters are weak and will bend at its own weight tool chest. In this case, tools that are light in weight would be ideal. The shelves are only 12 inches deep.

Best That Money Can Buy

HOMAK se Series 9 drawer top chest cabinetThe HOMAK se Series 9 drawer top chest cabinet is the best choice for anyone looking for a spacious tool box. It easily facilitates the storage of all your tools in one convenient place. In total, this chest has 9 drawers. The upper tool chest has three large compartments and 6 smaller drawers. These drawers are 10 3/8 inches deep. 8 of these are 1 3/4 inches high while one drawer is 3 1/4 inches high.

The top compartment is hinged hence adding additional storage. Each drawer in this ball bearing glide cabinet is engineered to accommodate tools weighing up to 60 pounds. It also features full-length aluminum drawer handles to facilitate easy closing and the opening of the shelves.

The drawers are fitted with slip-proof mats hence guarding against accidents. The side handles are recessed for easy storage. This tool cabinet is secured with HMC Security tubular locking system. that have exclusive key codes. These guarantee top-notch security for your tools. When the top is lifted, it disengaged the drawer locks.

Some users find this tool cabinet light weight hence susceptible to dents.

Heavy Construction, Best Service

HOMAK Professional 9 Drawer Top ChestThe HOMAK Professional 9 Drawer Top Chest is an ideal choice for anyone who has multiple tools that need storage. It is fitted with 9 storage shelves that are sturdy and secure. The high-security tubular locking system is installed on this equipment hence guarantee that your tools remain safe at all times.

The opening and closing of the aluminum drawers are geared by 250mm ball bearing slides which are removable. Each drawer is fitted with drawer liners and a top mat is also included. The locking of the lid on this equipment is secured with hinges for added strength.

Unlike other tool cabinets, the drawers on the HOMARK Bl02092601 opens and closes regardless of whether the lid is open or closed. However, the gliders provide a little bit of resistance but all the drawers will open when the cabinet is tipped forward.

It is made using heavy steel hence guarantee of durability.

Built to Last Tool Cabinet

WEN 26 inch 3 Drawer Intermediate chestThe WEN 26 inch 3 Drawer Intermediate chest has been rated the best tool box for the optimal organization in a domestic setting. This 26-inch tool storage system has a 19 gauge steel construction that guaranteed stability and durability. Compact and sturdy, this chest has only three drawers that are 12.6 inches deep. In total, this equipment houses 1159 cubic inches of ample storage space.

The mobility of the drawers is facilitated by 45 mm ball bearing slides that can handle weights of up to 100 pounds. These also have a self-locking feature as well as drawer liners (high-density foam). These drawers open full length hence allowing you to use all the available drawer space.

The drawers on this equipment are lockable. The key is meant to lock the top lid which in turn locks the drawers. The only concern that other users have about this chest is that it is small in size hence cannot adequately contain many tools.

Best Tool Chest for Home Garage3All of these tool boxes are engineered differently to suit different users’ needs.

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However, one fact remains constant, that they all bear necessary features that anyone would be looking for.