The 5 Best Tool Kits for the Home

Best Tool Kits for the Home

Best Tool Kits for the Home2It’s important to see the full range and need for tool kits for you home. If you have lived in your home for any length of time you see the need for a home tool kit.

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You also see that you will need to easily use and carry the tools. Those needs will be reflected in this list of selections for the home. Carrying things for minor repairs, to hanging picture, to adjusting appliances are a few things to consider.

What tools you will need? Are you in a newer home or in a fixer-upper? How and where will you store your new tool kit? These answers will affect how you should think about your needs. And choose the best tool kit. With those few things in mind check out this list of the best options right now.


Easy Carry Option For Saving Time

Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner's Tool KitLooking at the Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit. Constructed for easy use and quick repairs you won’t want to be without this kit. It has a molded case that makes for easy organization. Instead of a tool bag or bucket you will be able to snap your tools in place when not in use. This aids you in speed of repair and easier storage. Also moves well from location to location.

Most pieces have comfort designed handles. Handy men have rough hands from using tools for years. Maybe you don’t want that. You will love the ergonomically comfort-focused handle designs. They are featured on the ratchet and hammer handles.

It features quick release sockets. To help in the speed of work and clean up this option offers quick release socket design. Great if you don’t want to spend all day on simple jobs around the home. The pros, ergonomic design makes it easier on your body to use these tools with the same torque as a professional with less muscle use. Easily fits within storage. The cons, light use only. Not adequate for heavy duty use like if you are rebuilding part of your home.

Perfect Drill For Any Home And More

Black & Decker Lithium-Ion Drill and Project KitNext on the list is the Black & Decker Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit. This not only drives screws with the speed and ease you want but removes them too. This is a long life rechargeable drill. The 20V lithium-ion battery pack offers tons of use time. Also provides the horsepower you need to speed through screw and drill based jobs. Once fully charged holds the charge for up to one and a half years.

The multi-clutch positions are great for exacting work. To prevent overdriving or stripping screw heads the drill has an eleven position clutch. Allows you to tighten or loosen without fear of ruining screws. With the power of complete leverage.

This set also includes a standard tool kit. Comes with a carry bag and sixty-six hand tools along with accessories. This has screwdrivers, pliers, a utility knife, a claw hammer and more. For the pros, a great blend of power and hand tools for your home. Easily toted together in the provided case you will quickly be able to work and clean up. For the cons, the included tool kit could have more variety. You may have to add to it for extensive jobs.

Biggest Selection On The List

STANLEY Mixed Tool SetA bigger option is the STANLEY Mixed Tool Set. With over two hundred pieces this great option eliminates the need for additional purchases. Take a look at why. This set offers exacting sized tools. With over two hundred sizes and options you can easily match your tool to the job. From sockets, to drivers, to pliers you have your bases covered.

It has durability for days. For ease of cleaning and usage chrome is full polish vanadium forged. Adds to strength and torque. This will help you break loose the most stubborn bolts.

All parts are well organized into the carry case. You will be able to easily carry the over two hundred tools and accessories in the molded case. Each piece snaps into place for quick use and clean up. The pros, wide variety of tool types makes this a very well rounded kit for the home. The way they are all organized in an easy carry storage case helps in jobs and in home storage. The cons, this set doesn’t contain a hammer. Also it only has space for tools it was designed for.

Professional Quality For Home Use

Denali 115-Piece Home Repair KitFor a near professional duty option check out the Denali 115-Piece Home Repair Kit. Boasts high quality and professional standards. Compare some of the key features. It has a full line of tools. You will find everything from great screwdrivers, to drill bits for multiple materials, to a level, a hammer, and a tape measure.

On these tools, professional standards were followed. The hand tools in this kit are constructed with professional features. They also meet ANSI standards.

All contained in a soft-side durable flexible bag. All tools are stored inside large easy to use heavy-duty nylon bag. Great for storing not only your new tools but also additions like nails or tape. A look at the pros, the non-molded bag makes room for additional items. Also as far as home repair needs there simply isn’t much missing from this list option. Very complete. A look at the cons, it has some of everything so you will most likely have to pick up something extra for special needs.

A Great Basic Kit Option For The Price

Apollo Precision Tools Household KitIf you need a solid kit for a great price consider the Apollo Precision Tools Household Kit. This is an excellent selection for an excellent price. Contains a hammer, pliers, wrenches, a level, a tape measure, and screw drivers. Just enough to tackle any standard job in the home.

It has heat treated tools for maximum durability. When using tools around the home breaking one should be your last worry. That problem is solved here with extra attention paid to durability.

This kit is easy to carry and store it the sturdy case. All tools are popped into place on the inside for speed of jobs and clean up. The pros, this kit is a very solid choice for the basics. The easy tote carry case also makes it easy to go from job to job to storage. The cons, this kit has a limited selection of tools. For instance this kit doesn’t contain sockets. Or ratchets.

Best Tool Kits for the Home3Now you have some great options for the best tool kit for any home style. Be sure to consider what jobs you have already done and needed more tools as well as future jobs expected for a home like yours.

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As far as value goes you will find no better value for the money than this list, click away.