The 5 Best Tool Sets for Auto Mechanics

Best Tool Set for Auto Mechanic

Best Tool Set for Auto Mechanic2Whether you are a mechanic starting out your career or a do it yourself hobbyist, you need the best tool set for an auto mechanic to carry out your job. Some people commonly use low-end products when starting out and realize through experience that quality of the tools should not be under rated at all times irrespective of the job at hand. Furthermore, if you buy a low-end tool set for auto mechanic because of the cost, you will end up buying a new set soon and thus, end up paying more.

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It is also imperative to note that buying the best tool set for auto mechanic will help keep your tools organized in a portable carrying case and thus, you will not waste time digging through the toolbox to find the essential item that you need. Furthermore, the tools fit securely in an individual compartment reducing the likeliness of damage.

However, it is important to understand that not every tool set for auto mechanic in the market is worth buying. Some tool sets are built for serious mechanics while others are built to handle light weight tasks. The following are the best tool set for auto mechanic that you should consider buying depending on your needs and preferences.


The best tool set for small engine mechanical repairs

Apollo Precision ToolsIf you are looking for an affordable tool set that you can use to repair small engines, the 95 piece Apollo Precision Tools comes with everything that you may need to get your small engine working again from wrenches to sockets and pliers. This DT1241 Apollo tool set contains tools that are chrome plated and heat treated to resist corrosion in a sturdy blow molded case with a carrying handle for your convenience.

The handles of the tools are made of double dipped plastics for a comfortable and secure grip as you carry the repairs. The tool case is made of heavy-duty materials to ensure that it will last as long as the life of tools. You can be assured of the quality as every tool in the set is thoroughly tested against the industry standards for torque, usability, hardness and finish.

Some of the tools that you will find in the kit include ratcheting bit driver, two 8-inch adjustable wrenches, drive sockets, extension bar, drive ratchet handle, volte tester diagonal pliers, Philips precision screwdriver, 6-inch diagonal pliers, 6-inch longnose pliers and eight SAE Hex keys among others.

The best mechanics tool set for repairing everything on your car and garage

Custom Accessories tool setIf you are looking for a single tool set that contains everything that you need to do repairs on your car, you should consider the 150 piece Custom Accessories tool set.

The tools included in this Custom Accessories tool set are heat treated for durability and includes S.A.E. and Metric sizes. The case is also highly durable and well designed to help you organize and easily locate the specific item without perusing through all the items.

However, it is important to note that this tool set by Custom Accessories is perfect for an experienced mechanic or an individual willing to experiment with all the tools.

The best value tool set for auto mechanics to fix everything in your car

Stanley Black Chrome Socket SetIf you are looking for a tool set that offers you the diversity and quality of a high-end tool set without paying the high prices, you should consider the Stanley Black Chrome Socket Set. The 99-piece Stanley set is well engineered to meet and exceed the ANSI standards for sockets and ratchets and offers better corrosion resistance and sharper appearance. The Stanleys laser etched sockets provide you with high visibility markings for easier reading as you do the repairs.

The set also comes with two piece cases enabling you to remove the lid for easy access to the tools. You can also use the tool set as a drawer tray thanks to the back case feature. Another notable highlight of this Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket by Stanley is the high torque ratchets.

The case is made of high-quality materials for convenient travel and tool storage. Some of the tools in the case include thirty-nine 3/8-inch MaxDrive sockets, one 1/4-inch and one 3/8-inch pear head ratchet and thirty-three 1/4- inch MaxDrive sockets among others.

The best value tool set for general automotive repair and maintenance

Allied Tools Automotive Tool SetIf you are looking for a mechanic tool set to carry simple general automotive repair and maintenance, the Allied Tools Automotive Tool Set provides the best value. The kit comes with 175 of the most sought tools featuring both small and large nuts and bolts including 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch sockets and metric sockets.

The tools are full-length heat treated to provide you positive gripping and plenty of power when working on larger pieces. You will also find needle nose pliers that are great for reaching tight quarters and pinching down on wires as you repair your automotive.

The automotive tool set by Allied Tools also comes with four quivers of bits including torx, Philips and flathead among others that attach quickly and solidly to the included ratcheting screwdriver. The ratcheting screwdriver features an ergonomic handle for comfort and optimal driving power as you carry out the repairs. The kit is highly versatile and comes with a tie gauge, wire strippers, tie downs and a precision spark plug gap gauge that opens smoothly for the right thickness.

The best small and compact auto mechanic tool set

Apollo Precision Tools Travel and AutomotiveTool KitIf you are looking for a small, compact tool that you will carry around easily and use it to fix your car, boat and recreational vehicle, you should consider the 64 piece heat treated, and chrome plated Apollo Precision Tools Travel and Automotive Tool Kit.

The tools in this travel and automotive tool set are corrosion resistance, and the case is made of 100 percent polyester. Despite being fitted in a small, compact case, the tools are made of the finest quality components and either meet or exceed the ANSI critical standards.

Some of the tools in this kit include 6-inch adjustable wrench, six hose clamps, 1/4-inch adapter, twelve 1-inch bits and 1/4-inch drive metric sockets among others.

Best Tool Set for Auto Mechanic3When choosing the best tool set for auto mechanic, it is important to note that what is good for another person is not necessarily what you need largely because satisfaction is based on what you will be doing with the kit.

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All of these featured tool sets are of high quality and performs the intended purpose perfectly, but you should not buy a tool set designed for simple tasks to use for heavy automotive repairs and maintenance.