The 5 Best Truck Tool Boxes for the Money

Best Truck Tool Box for the Money

Best Truck Tool Box for the Money2To a lot of people, storage is important. You’ve got tools, building materials, equipment and they all need a place to go. It´s especially important when you´re on the go. When you´re working a job or just spending time with friends and family, it´s easy to get disorganized and just throw your tools or recreational equipment in your cab or the bed of your truck. But this makes it difficult to find what you need when you need it, not to mention it can even be unsafe.

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However, with a few nice storage products, you can get organized and make your life a whole lot less complicated. There’s sure to be one out there that’s going to offer the features you need and be the best truck tool box for the money for your specific budget.

There’s a bunch of great truck storage options out there on the market today. However, the amount of options can be overwhelming. This list is meant to give several different options to a variety of people who are working under different circumstances. Some people would benefit from buying more than just one of the options here – they’re certainly not mutually exclusive. If you’re looking for useful storage options and prefer to do it under a reasonable budget, one or more of these five options is going to be great for you.


Best Overall

Better Built 73010911With the Better Built 73010911 you pay a little more than the others on this list, but you get a lot in return and the investment is well worth it. The first thing you notice with this tool box is just how well it’s made. With a single-piece construction made of rust-resistant diamond tread plate aluminum, this is a tool box that can handle its fair share of abuse and is built to last.

It has a low profile design that comes up just two inches over your cab so it doesn’t hinder your vision out of the back window while driving. It has an “up and over” rod that allows you to open and close the box with one hand – very handy when you’ve got your other hand tied up with tools.


  • Extremely durable in every aspect, including its 100% welded seams and continuous piano hinge
  • Doesn’t require drilling into your truck bed
  • Easy installation


  • Installation kit is sold separate
  • Much heavier than the other tool boxes listed here at 53 pounds

Best Bargain

Pro Tuff BinThe Pro Tuff Bin is a portable bin great for when you’re on the go and don’t need a larger mounted box. It’s made of structural foam. The material that comes to mind when one thinks of strength usually isn’t structural foam, but this tool box is incredibly durable and lasts a very long time. It has a load rating of 250 pounds.

There is no sealing on this bin but has a lid that overlaps the sides by a couple of inches which is very effective in keeping water and moisture out. It also has a lock that stays securely shut and also has two extra places where you can put extra padlocks for even more security.


  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Very versatile – can be used for storage in a variety of situations


  • Because of how the latch works, it’s difficult to open with one hand
  • Rear hinges are made of thin metal

Best Wedge-Style Design

Better Built Truck Tool BoxThe Better Built Truck Tool Box is a wedge-style truck tool box built to very high standards, just as Better Built products are known for. It has a solid piece design and 100% welded seams, like most Better Built tool boxes. It also has a bottom made out of a solid piece of metal, design patented by Better Built made for strength.

It has a locking paddle handle latch that doubles as security and an easy way to gain access when it’s unlocked. A great feature is its self-adjusting strikers, which never need to be adjusted.


  • Compatible with a no-drill mounting system
  • Very sturdy
  • Spacious room to hold a variety to equipment from jumper cables to vehicle necessities to tools.


  • Doesn’t come with no-drill installation kit (it’s bought separately)
  • Wedge design holds less storage than other designs

Best for Tailgating

Undercover SC300DThe Undercover SC300D is a unique storage box in that it mounts to the side of the inside of your truck where the tailgate is. After mounting, it partially sits above your wheel well and you can unhinge it so that it swings forward for easy access.

This case is compatible with all tonneau covers so if you’re a tonneau cover user, this box won’t give you any problems. It is thoroughly weather sealed, which is very important as these boxes will be exposed to the elements for many users.

The great thing about this storage box is just how useful it is to have around. A latch lets it swing out 180 degrees and once you’re done with it you swing it back and it locks into place. Also, it’s perfect for tailgates as it has cup holders on its top. When all is said and done and it’s time to go to the game, it locks shut with a key.


  • Easy installation that only require two tools to install
  • Both driver’s side and passenger side units are available
  • It’s easily removable


  • Doesn’t sit completely flush with the bed of the truck so there is a small amount of space wasted.
  • It can be filled with ice to put beer and soft drinks in for tailgating but it doesn’t have a plug that could be used to drain the water from the melted ice.
  • It holds 75 pounds but if you need storage for heavier items it may not be right for you.

Best Low Profile

Lund 5748The Lund 5748 is a sharp-looking, slim yet functional truck mount tool box. It’s made of high-grade aluminum diamond plate that is pretty thick and Lund says never “rusts, pits or peels”.

It has fully welded seams and is made with a three-piece construction. It has paddle handles made of stainless steel that are lockable, one of the better features of this box. It really doesn’t have any obvious areas susceptible to rust. The next best feature is its gas struts that lift its lid automatically so you can open the lid with one hand and it has the added benefit of staying open on its own. Great feature for when you have your hands full.


  • High quality paddle handles
  • Lid that lifts automatically and stays open
  • Very rust resistant


  • Without J-connectors, you’ll have to drill into the bed of your truck and the box to install it

Everyone has different needs when it comes to truck storage. Some people need a dedicated tool box mounted to their truck, while others would prefer to have a storage box that they can easily move from one place to another. The things that people keep inside their storage containers also greatly differs. If you need storage for a lot of heavy tools for your job then you’re going to have different needs than someone who just likes to tinker or just wants something for camping or recreation.

Best Truck Tool Box for the Money3Regardless of what you do for a living or what you do in your spare time, if you like getting dirty, working with your hands,

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or enjoying a tailgate before the game, one of these boxes is going to fit your needs and be the best truck tool box for the money.