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Best Jack Stands For 2021 1


Pro-LifT T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand


Best Jack Stands For 2021 2


BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands


Best Jack Stands For 2021 3

Esco 10498 Jack Stand


Best Jack Stands For 2021 4

Sunex 1410 10-Ton Jack Stands


Best Jack Stands For 2021 5

AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands

You need to do some work on your car, like changing its brakes, and it’s urgent – but don’t be hasty.

Make sure you’ve purchased a jack stand before you even think of lifting your car and working underneath it.

Why do you need a jack stand?

If you don’t use a jack stand to safely keep your car in place when it’s raised off the ground, you could end up injured. There have been stories of people being killed by their cars falling on top of them.

Convinced you need a jack stand?


Here are the best jack stands for 2021 to purchase so you can repair your car while staying safe, and the bonus is that jack stands will make your tasks so much easier.

Best Overall: Pro-LifT T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand

Pro-LifT T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand Review

This highly-rated jack stand meets all the criteria you need to stay safe and be able to work on your car with ease. Here’s what to know about it and why it makes the number-one spot in our list of reviews.

Featured specs

  • 6-ton capacity
  • Steel construction
  • Double-locking mechanism


  • This jack stand is made out of steel and it can handle a lot of weight – six tons, to be exact.
  • It’s been constructed with a high-quality cast ductile iron ratchet bar.
  • It has a double-locking mechanism with a mobility pin to keep you safe. 
  • It has a height adjustment feature that’s easy to use.
  • This product is one of the safest car jack stands, thanks to its pin lock that offers more support. This enables you to lock the stand’s ratchet bar securely in place.


  • Some people who have purchased this jack stand have stated that it tends to rust at the bottom after some use, such as from being dragged on the ground.

Extra Features

  • People who have purchased this jack stand have reported that the welds are all straight and solidly made.

Buying Advice

This jack stand costs $53.64. It’s well-built, strong enough to handle your vehicle, and will make you feel more confident to work underneath your car. It’s perfect for beginners because of its decent price tag and safety measures.

Runner Up: BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands

BIG RED T43004 Torin Aluminum Jack Stands Review

These aluminum jack stands can be used on a variety of vehicles, from small cars and jeeps to ATVs and more. Let’s check out what they have to offer.

Featured specs

  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • 3-ton capacity
  • Removable locking pins


  • This jack stand has been made with quality aluminum that’s light and durable.
  • It’s got removable locking support pins. These give you extra security, as well as stability.
  • It comes with six locking positions to make your work easier.
  • The saddle of this jack stand has a large surface area. This means that it makes more secure contact with whatever load you need to support.
  • It also has a large foot base. This keeps your work steady and helps you to feel more confident when you’re working underneath your vehicle.
  • As a bonus, the jack stand base can be removed, which makes it much easier to store in your garage when you’re not using it. Perfect for small spaces!


  • Some people who have purchased this jack stand have reported dissatisfaction with how it’s got a lower height than some other stands on the market.
  • Others have reported that the stand’s double-locking pin doesn’t fit the holes of the ratchet, which has caused them to have to drill larger holes in order to keep the stand as secure as possible.

Extra Features

  • This jack stand has been tested for its reliability and it meets ASME safety standards so you don’t have to worry about it failing you at a crucial moment.

Buying Advice

If you want reliability, this jack stand is worth considering – as long as its drawbacks aren’t dealbreakers for you. It costs $77.13.

Alternative: Esco 10498 Jack Stand

Esco 10498 Jack Stand Review

These jack stands offer a three-legged design which helps to prevent wobbling that can happen with some four-legged stands. Here are other features you need to know about it.

Featured specs

  • 3-ton capacity
  • Locking ring pin
  • Flat steel top


  • These jack stands have a thick, flat steel top along with a rubber pad. Not only does this make them more durable but it also allows you to work with them easier. They also prevent your vehicle from being damaged.
  • Their three-legged design helps to keep them stable and prevent wobbling.
  • They have a strong pin to keep them secure and they’re further secured with a locking ring pin.
  • These jack stands have a wide tripod surface area that ensures greater stability when you’re working on your raised vehicle.


  • Some people who have purchased these jack stands have reported issues with rust after some time.
  • Others have reported that different jack stands had different finishes, which could point to quality issues.

Extra Features

  • People who have purchased this jack stand have reported that it’s been made with quality welding.
  • It has an excellent height range of 13.2 inches to 21.5 inches, so you’re sure to find good use for it. 

Buying Advice

These jack stands are strong and their tripod design is one of their best features. They cost $54.95, so they’re also more affordable than some other jack stands that we’ve already featured in these jack stand reviews.

Alternative: Sunex 1410 10-Ton Jack Stands

Sunex 1410 10-Ton Jack Stands Review

If you’re looking for a jack stand that’s a bit different from what we’ve already featured in this buying guide, such as when it comes to its weight capacity, this pair of Sunex jack stands is worth considering. Let’s check them out.

Featured specs

  • Four-legged design
  • Heavy-duty pipe construction
  • V-shaped saddle


  • These professional jack stands are ideal for use in commercial environments, such as when you need to support agricultural and construction equipment in the air in order to work on it. 
  • They have a four-leg design for greater stability, which is important when you’re getting underneath a massive vehicle.
  • They’re made out of steel and have heavy-schedule pipe construction to give them durability and stability.
  • Their support tube contains many holes so that you can insert the pins at the right height, which makes height adjustment a breeze.
  • They have a large saddle with locating lugs support.
  • The saddle is V-shaped. This helps to cradle the vehicles’ axles.


  • Some people have reported dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service.
  • Others have stated that they received missing parts in their order.

Extra Features

  • Since they have such a great height range, you’ll find that working with these jack stands is very convenient. 
  • The jack stands come with metal footpads to make them much easier to work with and give you greater stability.

Buying Advice

If you need a heavy-duty, reliable jack stand for a truck or other large vehicle, these ones by Sunex are worth purchasing. They cost $289.95 but they’ll last you a long time. Don’t skimp on quality!

Alternative: AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands

AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands Review

These steel jack stands offer you safety and more comfort, which is especially useful if you’re going to use them on a regular basis. Let’s check them out!

Featured specs

  • Self-locking ratchet
  • Steel frame
  • Wide base


  • These jack stands meet ASME PASE-2014 safety standards.
  • They have a self-locking ratchet. That means you don’t have to use a locking key, making them much more convenient. 
  • They’re constructed out of a strong steel frame that also has a rust-proof coating, so you don’t have to worry about using them outdoors in harsh conditions.
  • The jack stands have a wide base that’s square-shaped for greater stability.


  • Some people who have purchased these jack stands have reported that they wobble a bit.
  • Others have reported that they were disappointed with the size of these. Always make sure you check the dimensions of a jack stand before purchasing it!
  • Others have stated that they would have liked these jack stands to have a separate, additional locking pin. This is to prevent pressure on the lever from making the jack stand move to a lower position.

Extra Features

  • People have reported that these jack stands are really easy to use when it comes to adjusting their height. When you raise them, they automatically click into each level.
  • These jack stands are much cheaper than others we’ve featured.

Buying Advice

How much do they cost? These jack stands by AmazonBasics cost $33.63 for a pair. They’re kind to your wallet but also durable and strong so that you can work underneath your car without worrying about them letting you down.

Jack Stands FAQ

Now that we’ve looked at five of the best car jack stands for your garage, let’s answer some common questions related to jack stands and how they work.

How jack stands work?

benefits of jack stands

Jack stands are tools that are designed in the shape of a tripod or tower. They’re used to support your car’s weight when suspended, and they do this by being placed underneath the vehicle frame or axle in order to support it.

Once you’ve jacked up the vehicle, you’ll put a jack stand underneath it in order to keep the vehicle in place. Jack stands make use of hydraulics in order to lift the vehicle.

Follow these steps to ensure you use your jack and jack stands correctly.

  • Park your car on a level surface, such as concrete.
  • Switch off the ignition and remove the key.
  • Chock the wheel that’s directly opposite where you’ll place the jack. This is important to prevent your car from rolling. So, if you’re going to put the jack on the front right wheel, put a chock behind the rear wheel on the left.
  • Close the pressure relief valve of the floor jack. This is often done by twisting the jack lever in a clockwise direction.
  • Find a secure jack point, which is defined as either an area on the car that’s meant to make contact with the jack or one that can support the weight of the vehicle without slipping. You should look at your car owner’s manual to see where your vehicle’s jack points are located. Hint: it’s usually next to each wheel.
  • Never set up your jack underneath the car’s body panel as that can damage the car and could result in the jack slipping, causing serious injury if you’re underneath your car when it happens.
  • Carefully place the jack underneath your vehicle in the jack point. If you need to lift one of the front wheels, you should put the jack behind the wheel. On the other hand, if you need to lift one of the back wheels, you should put your jack in front of the wheel.
  • You need to take a look underneath the car so that you can adjust the jack’s position to ensure it will make contact with the jack point when it’s lifted.
  • Pump your jack handle up and down to start lifting your car. Be careful and ensure you pay attention to where the jack touches the car so you can see that it’s securely making contact with it.
  • You might have to lower the jack down to open its release valve. This ensures that you can reposition the jack so it will make more secure contact.
  • Continue lifting your car until it’s at the height you want it – basically, it should be high enough so you can prop the jack stand in place.
  • When you’re ready to place your jack stand in place, carefully slide it near the jack. Choose a safe and secure spot of the car’s frame.
  • If you want to raise both your car’s front and rear wheels, your jack stands will need to be put on either side of the jack close to the wheels.
  • Open the jack’s release valve. Slowly lower the car until it rests securely on the jack stand.
  • This enables you to support your vehicle, so you can remove the jack.
  • When you’re done working on your car, you can use the jack to lift it about an inch so that you can remove the jack stand.
  • Open the jack’s release valve so that you can lower the car to the ground and remove the jack.

Are jack stands safe?

safety of jack stands

There’s no doubt about how you need to use a jack stand if you want to lift your car and work on it. But it’s only natural to worry that your jack stand will fail you and cause you to get severely injured.

Safety is an important thing to consider when it comes to jack stands, which is why so many jack stands have quality security features in place. These include removable locking support pins, such as what’s found in the Big Red jack stands we featured in our jack stand reviews.

Another important safety feature is a pin lock that keeps the ratchet bar securely in place, and this feature is found on the ProLift product we reviewed in our buying guide.

You’ll also feel much better about using the jack stand if it meets safety requirements, so look for that certification! For example, the Big Red jack stand we featured in our reviews has been tested for reliability and has successfully met ASME safety standards.

Is it OK to leave a car on jack stands?

If you’re working on your car and won’t be done within a few hours, you might wonder if you can just leave your car on jack stands.

This is potentially dangerous, which is why it’s always said that you should only use jack stands on your car when you’re working on your car and then remove them once the job is done.

The slightest movement could cause the jack stand to fall, which could damage your car and cause injuries, either to you or passers-by.

If you simply have to leave your car on jack stands and there’s no way around it, make sure that no one will be around the car (such as kids who could hurt themselves) and it’s always a good idea to place some wheels underneath the car as an extra safety precaution so that if the jack stands do fail they won’t cause a dangerous situation.

Is it safe to jack up one side of a car?

tips for using jack stands

If you want to jack up one side of your car, it’s important to consider why you want to raise your car in the first place. If you’re doing a task that doesn’t require you to get underneath your car, such as if you’re changing a tyre, then you could raise one side of the car with your jack.

However, if you’re going to be working underneath the vehicle, you will need to ensure that it’s been raised in a balanced and safe way. That’s why the safest option is to jack up the front and rear of the vehicle.

This will ensure that you can raise your car high enough to be able to work on it without compromising your safety or your car. Jacking up your car on the sides could be dangerous and damaging to it.

In addition to that, if you jack up one side of your car you can cause it to be very unbalanced and you risk tipping it over if you raise it too high.

Even if you manage to raise just one side of your car, you’ll probably feel less safe to work underneath it. It’s just not worth it.

Bear in mind there’s a good reason why so many jack stands come in sets of two – you need both! Using them is so much safer and will give you peace of mind when you’re working on your car.

As a side note, always make sure you check the car’s manual to find where the lifting points for your specific vehicle are located. If you put a jack stand in a different place on your car, its own weight could cause damage to the car frame, or the car could slip off the jack. You don’t want to be in either situation!


Using a jack stand is something you’ll probably need to do at least once when working on your car.

This DIY task will save you money, but you need to be sure that you choose the best jack stand that’s safe, convenient, and easy to use to reduce your stress levels and make your vehicle tune-ups and repairs much easier.

In this buying guide, we’ve featured the best jack stands of 2021. Jack stands are one of those items that you never think you’ll need until you need them, so make sure you have them stored in your garage.

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