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Best Saw Horses For Your Garage Workshop 1


Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Saw Horses


Best Saw Horses For Your Garage Workshop 2


AmazonBasics Folding Saw Horse


Best Saw Horses For Your Garage Workshop 3

Bora Centipede 2x4 Feet Work Stand and Saw Horse


Best Saw Horses For Your Garage Workshop 4

2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets Saw Horse


Best Saw Horses For Your Garage Workshop 5

WORX Clamping Saw horse Pair with Bar Clamps

If you have a garage in which you do DIY tasks and woodwork, one of the most important items you’ll need is a saw horse.

This is basically a rack that supports the piece of wood when you’re working on it, and it’s especially a must if your garage is short on space. 

Can a saw horse replace worktables?

If you don’t have space for tables in your garage, saw horses are a great alternative because they don’t take up a lot of room

There are lots of saw horses online that you can buy, but which one should you choose?

Let’s take a deeper look at all of the above products so you can find the one that will meet your needs, whether you need a saw horse for DIY projects at home or for a more professional job. 

Best Overall: Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Saw horses – Set of 2

Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Saw horses Review

You want saw horses that are strong but also make your work easier, especially on busy days when you can’t spend all your time in your garage. These Bora Portamate saw horses aim to achieve both goals. 

Featured specs

  • Steel construction 
  • Foldable legs
  • Pre-assembled 


  • These saw horses are made out of steel but they’re also light, so they’re easy to move around to where you need them. This gives you the best of both worlds: durability and portability. 
  • They have foldable legs so that you can store them easily. This is especially useful if your garage is short on space. 
  • These saw horses have a comfortable work height of 33 inches. 
  • You can use them for heavy-duty work, thanks to how they can accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight. That’s probably more than enough for what you need if you’re interested in doing DIY projects. 
  • They come pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about setting them up. All you’ll have to do is unfold their legs and lock them into place wherever you want them. Easy! 


  • People who have purchased these saw horses have reported that the paint on the legs flaked off after a few months. 
  • Others have reported that the part of the saw horses where you push buttons to open and close their legs is sharp and doesn’t feel comfortable to use. 

Extra Features

  • These saw horses have 1 ¼-inch heavy legs that have spring-loaded lock pins to keep them in place while you’re working. This makes them much safer to use, especially if you’re cutting materials. 

Buying Advice

Both strong yet light enough to carry, these collapsible saw horses cost $94.99. Offering up to 500 pounds of support, they are sure to accommodate your every DIY need. 

Runner Up: AmazonBasics Folding Saw horse – Set of 2

Runner Up: AmazonBasics Folding Saw horse - Set of 2 Review

When using saw horses, safety is usually a big concern, especially if you’re purchasing them for the first time or don’t have much experience with using them. With that in mind, AmazonBasics offers a set of two saw horses that will make your work much safer and give you greater peace of mind. 

Featured specs

  • Fold-flat feature
  • Non-slip feet
  • Locking braces 


  • These saw horses are easy to store because they can fold flat when not in use. This makes them the best folding saw horse option, and as a bonus it means you can easily transport them in your car if you’re working on site. 
  • They have a variety of safety features, such as non-slip feet and locking braces, to make you feel more confident when using them and prevent injuries. 
  • These saw horses also have fold-out stoppers on both ends to offer you more security. These stoppers prevent the saw horses from moving around when you’re working so you can get your job done faster and safer. 


  • Some people who purchased these saw horses reported that they arrived damaged. 

Extra Features

  • These saw horses are fully assembled when you unpack them, so you can use them straight out of the box! They’re perfect for beginners or people who want a much more convenient product. 
  • These saw horses don’t just score top marks when it comes to their safety features, but they’re also budget-friendly.

Buying Advice 

If you’re looking for affordable saw horses that work well and don’t take up a lot of space in your garage, these ones by AmazonBasics are worth purchasing. They cost $43.28.

Alternative: Bora Centipede 2×4 Feet Work Stand and Saw horse

Bora Centipede 2x4 Feet Work Stand and Portable Table Saw horse Review

Want a saw horse that comes with extra accessories to make your work smoother and easier?

This Bora Centipede saw horse is worth considering for that fact alone. Let’s check out what makes it great.  

Featured specs

  • 30-inch working height 
  • Expandable 
  • Carry bag included 


  • This strong and durable steel saw horse is foldable and portable. 
  • It comes with two clamps, four X-shaped brackets, and a carry bag.  
  • It has a working height of 30.inches. 
  • You never know when you’ll need a larger surface area on which to work, and this Bora Centipede saw horse will rise to the occasion because it can be expanded. You just have to add rises to boost its height.
  • This saw horse is really easy to set up, which makes it a breeze to work with. This means you can spend less time assembling it and more time actually using it. 


  • People who have purchased this saw horse have stated that the bag that comes with it could be a bit larger to better accommodate it for transportation. 

Extra Features

  • Although some people have said that the bag isn’t as large as they would have liked, it does have durability going for it. It’s made out of strong canvas material. As a bonus, it also has a comfortable strap. 
  • The support brackets that are included in the pack are X-shaped and they can fit any standard 2×4 board. 
  • The quick clamps that are included with your purchase enable you to keep your work securely in place. Simply insert them into the P-Top on the work stand to achieve greater stability.  

Buying Advice 

These Bora Centipede saw horses cost $79.00. They’re cost-effective while giving you more than enough weight capacity for various jobs around the house. You’re guaranteed to find lots of different uses for them and you’ll find it easy to carry them around to wherever you need them. 

Alternative: 2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets Saw horse

Alternative 2: 2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets Saw horse Review

These are custom brackets that you’ll use to make your own saw horse. If that sounds like an overwhelming task, it really isn’t! Let’s check out these brackets. 

Featured specs

  • Resin construction 
  • 4 brackets included 
  • Easy assembly 


  • These brackets are made of heavy-gauge structural resin. 
  • You will be able to support up to 2,000 pounds of weight with these custom saw horses, so they’re perfect for you if you need them for professional purposes. 
  • Assembling the saw horses is quick and easy – you’ll only need a screwdriver for the task.
  • By making use of these items, you’ll be able to build saw horses that are up to four feet high and eight feet long. 


  • Once made, these saw horses aren’t foldable. They’re therefore best suited for you if you want to keep your saw horses in the same place all the time, such as your workspace in the garage.
  • Some people who have purchased them have said they’re not that easy to build.
  • These do not come with lumbar included. You’ll have to purchase that separately, which can easily accumulate your costs. 

Extra Features 

  • The pack includes four brackets and eight stabilizing feet.
  • The brackets are of a high quality and very sturdy.

Buying Advice 

These 2x4Basics saw horses cost $28.99. If you’re good with DIY and want to make your own custom saw horses, these are the ones for you.

Alternative: WORX Clamping Saw horse Pair with Bar Clamps

WORX Clamping Saw horse Pair with Bar Clamps Review

If you want really strong saw horses, and don’t want to make them yourself, these ones by WORX offer durability and convenience without costing a lot of money.  

Featured specs

  • Integrated bar clamps 
  • ABS and steel construction 
  • Storage shelf included 


  • The two saw horses in this pack have integrated bar clamps so you can keep your materials secured. The clamps are made out of steel and ABS. In case you don’t know, ABS – or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – is a thermoplastic that’s resistant to impact. 
  • You can either secure the materials in vertical or horizontal positions, which makes the saw horses more practical to use. 
  • You can support up to 1,000 pounds with these saw horses. 
  • Despite how much weight they can carry, these saw horses are really easy to transport, thanks to how they only weigh four pounds! 
  • When you need to clamp down extra pressure onto your materials, the bar clamps will come to your aid because they exert 300 pounds of force! This is especially beneficial when you’re working alone and don’t have an extra pair of hands to help you. 


  • Some people who have purchased these saw horses have reported that the clamps wobble around quite a bit. 
  • Others reported that they received the goods in bad condition, such as with pieces missing or broken. 

Extra Features

  • These saw horses come with a storage shelf so you can store accessories. This is a fantastic item that will enable you to better organize your workspace. It will come to good use when you’re not working in your garage as it will ensure that you don’t forget items you need. 

Buying Advice 

These saw horses have lots going for them, and they cost $99.99. You get two in a pack, which is value for money. If you’re looking for tough saw horses that come with extra perks, such as shelves, these ones are worth purchasing. 

Saw horses FAQ

You’ve read through the reviews of the best saw horses for your garage workshop in our buying guide, but you might still have some questions you want answered about saw horses.

Before you purchase one (or more) for your garage workshop, read through these questions so you can make the best, most affordable choice and not be left disappointed. 

What are saw horses used for?

how to use saw horse

Saw horses are a must to have if you do regular DIY. They’re basically strong frames that are made out of steel, wood, or plastic, and they’re used to support material you’re cutting, such as wood, with a saw or other tool.

By keeping your materials in place and secured, your saw horse makes your work not only safer but also faster and more comfortable. You won’t need an extra pair of hands to help you out

It’s a misconception to think that saw horses are only useful for cutting materials, such as wood. You can use them in a variety of other ways, such as: 

  • Turning them into a workbench
  • Using them as scaffold supports
  • Making them work as a drying rack 
  • Using them as tool storage platforms 
  • Turning them into a desk or table 

It’s clear to see that with a bit of creative thinking, you can use saw horses for many different things at home or work! 

How many saw horses are needed?

diy saw horse

Many saw horses that you can buy online come in a set of two, and it makes sense – why only have one saw horse when you can combine it with another one and have more uses for them?

As an example, if you want to make use of saw horses as a workbench, you can do so by putting two together and then placing a board on top of them.

It’s so much more practical to have a pair of saw horses, whether you want to cut long planks or wood or make a DIY workbench. The bigger the space you have at your disposal, the better! 

That said, you might even go out on a limb and purchase more than two saw horses for your garage workshop. This is a great way to make your saw horses work double duty, such as if you want to pair them up to give you an instant table or if you want to cut really long materials with greater ease. 

It’s always a good idea to purchase the amount of saw horses you need after considering what you really need them for as this will help you choose the right amount. Another alternative is to choose a saw horse that’s expandable, such as the Bora Centipede that we featured in our saw horse reviews.

By making use of rises, you can increase its height. Adjustable saw horses are a valuable option as they can be so much more practical for your specific needs.   

How much weight can a saw horse hold?

carpenter working on saw horses

The great thing about saw horses is that they have a variety of weight capacities. Some can handle around 200 pounds, while others go all the way up to 1000 pounds or more!

In this buying guide of saw horse reviews, we’ve listed saw horses that can handle a lot of weight. The Bora Centipede saw horse can handle up to 2500 pounds of weight! That’s definitely more than you’ll need for DIY

You might not even need saw horses with large weight capacities. Think about what work you’ll be doing before purchasing a saw horse as you don’t want to end up wishing you’d sprung for the one that had a larger weight capacity.

Even if you’re not going to need support for handling heavy materials, it’s worth purchasing a saw horse that can cater to slightly larger loads than what you’ll be working with. 

What is the best material for a saw horse?

Earlier, we mentioned that you can find saw horses in a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, and steel. Let’s look at each one in greater detail so you can choose the material that’s right for you. 

  • Wood

This is quite heavy, so it’s not a popular choice for saw horses anymore. You want to be able to pack your saw horse and take it with you, such as if you’re working on site, without the dread of it being too heavy.

That said, if you don’t need your saw horse to be portable, wood is a good choice because it’s strong, durable, and usually has high weight capacity. 

  • Plastic 
plastic saw horse

Plastic tends to be light so you can make your saw horse portable. In addition to that, many plastic saw horses will be foldable which makes them much easier to store when not in use.

However, if you’re looking for more durable saw horses that can handle larger weight, you might want to consider wood or steel.

If you just want a saw horse so that you can complete DIY projects at home, or you’re working with light materials, then plastic saw horses will get the job done. They also tend to be cheaper than saw horses that are made of other materials, which makes them more convenient.

  • Steel 

We’ve seen some steel saw horses in our reviews, and there’s good reason for it. Steel is strong and durable, and can handle a lot of weight. As an example, the Bora Centipede steel saw horse in our reviews can accommodate up to 2,500 pounds of weight!

Steel saw horses, although strong, can also be light to carry and foldable, giving you the perfect blend of durability and portability. One of the things to bear in mind about steel saw horses is that they can be a bit heavier or bulkier, which will make them a bit more difficult to transport.

But, if you’re looking for durability, such as if you’re working in harsh environments, they are worth the cost. 


If you need to cut materials in a safe and quick way, you need to invest in a quality saw horse.

This is a valuable piece of equipment that you’re sure to put to good use in your workshop, whether you’re a serious DIYer or not. 

In this buying guide, we’ve featured reviews of the best saw horses you can find on the market. By considering their weight capacities, costs, and other important features, you’ll be able to choose the best saw horse for your needs. 

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