5 Cheap Cordless Power Tool Sets

Cheap Cordless Power Tool Sets

Cheap Cordless Power Tool Sets2A well-equipped tool kit is mandatory — whether you want to drill a hole in the wall to put up your favorite painting or put the nut back into your kid’s bike to make it work again, you will need a tool kit. While some people assemble their kits, a good idea is to buy a ready-made one that has everything you need.

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Why waste your time picking up single pieces separately when there are so many ready-made tool kits available in the market.

Since wires are a huge hassle, an ever better idea is to buy a cordless tool kit. This way, you won’t have to worry about stumbling upon chords while working. You won’t even have to spend hours untangling the wires before you can actually start working. These tool kits are handy and inexpensive and thus, highly recommended.

Here are some cheap cordless power tool sets that you can try.


This best seller is what you need

Black $ Combo KitThis Black Combo Kit has everything you need — a screw driver, saw, saw blades, flash lights, wrench, soft bag, charger, and batteries. Rest assured, the products are of good quality.

The screw driver has been furnished with a two-speed gear box which will increase its utility and efficiency by giving you the power to control its speed. Its circular saw is empowered with a high torque motor and and its reciprocating saw comes with an extra blade in case you need to adjust the size of your cuts.

The reciprocating saw can speed upto 3000 SPM and the speed can be controlled using its variable speed trigger. The flash light will keep your area of work well-lit and prevent accidents. This tool kit also includes a battery and charger that you won’t have to change for up to 18 months. There is also a two-year warranty.

Though this tool kit has been fairly reviewed by users, some buyers were left wanting for a better soft bag that would compartmentalize all the tools in a more organized manner.

Value for Money

Craftsman C3 Lithium Combo KitThis Craftsman C3 Lithium Combo Kit is perfect for your home. It has everything you will need while working in your garage.

It comes equipped with all the required tools as well as complimentary blades, batteries, a charger, and bag. The 19.2 volt drill can work on any object and give you the impact that you need to craft hard materials.

Likewise, the saws are powerful enough to make steep cuts on even hardwood. Its lithium batteries take only about an hour to get fully charged. And, there is a bag that fits in all the tools and keeps them safe and in place.

The Craftsman tool kit has been applauded for its quality and price. However, some customers have shown dissatisfaction with the quality of batteries and impact driver.

The perfect tool kit for your home

Porter Cable Combo KitIf you are looking for multi-purpose cheap cordless power tool kits, the Porter Cable Combo Kit is your best bet. It has a 1/2″ inch drill, recip saw, circular saw, and flash lights.

The circular saw a high performance motor and a carbide tooth blade which makes its working even more efficient. The saw also has a dust port that automatically pushes the chaff to the floor. The drill is supplied with a two-gear box which allow the driver to work on two speeds.

The grip area has rubber folds to keep your hand safe and firm while you are working. This Porter-Cable kit comes with two 20-Volt lithium batteries that can be charged with a 110 Volt automatic charger.

Though this tool kit is good to be used as a home tool kit, it is not suitable for professional work. Yet another issue is that its batteries take a long time to charge.

Inexpensive and effective

Ryobi Super Combo kitThe Ryobi Super Combo kit which includes a 1/2-inch drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw, swivel head work light, and 18-volt lithium batteries is a good home tool kit.

The drill driver has been supplied with a 24 position clutch which can be used to adjust the torque. This feature of the drill driver will not only make drilling easier, it will also allow you to play with drill sizes. Its lightweight saw is easy to handle and use.

It comes with a 18 teeth blade which is capable of cutting across hard materials. The Ryobi Combo Kit comes with a swivel head work light which can be moved in any direction to keep your area of work well-lit.

The only drawback of this tool kit is that it uses a bulb and not an LED light. The light can prove to be insufficient if you are working in a really dark area.

The twin combo that you always wanted

Black & Decker Drill and Circular SawThis Black & Decker Drill and Circular Saw contains a drill furnished with a two-speed gear box, a circular saw kit with high torque motor, and a lithium ion battery.

It is great value of money because it contains the two things that you need the most – a drill and a circular saw. Also, if you buy a drill and circular saw separately, you will end up paying a lot more than what you are to pay for this set. The best part about this kit is that both the driver and saw are quite light in weight and thus easy to use.

The 11 position clutch will allow you to adjust the torque. Its 5 1/2 inch blade is good enough to create deep cuts. The high torque motor ensures that the saw is powerful enough to be used on all kinds of materials. Last, the kit comes with a lithium ion battery and a charger that won’t have to be replaced for about 18 months.

The only drawback of this product is that its circular saw the blade on the left-hand side. Since most saws have right-hand blades, it may take the user a while to get adjusted to the left-hand blade. Also, though the drill is fitted with an LED light, the light is awkwardly placed and thus, does not help much.

Cheap Cordless Power Tool Sets3There are many cheap cordless power tool kits in the market.

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All you have to do is choose one that suits your requirement and you are good to go.