The 5 Cheapest Roll Away Tool Boxes

Cheap Roll Away Tool Boxes

Cheap Roll Away Tool Boxes2If you are a handy man, engineer or just have a whole lot of tools, you must have had to get your tools from one point to another. Without a proper tool box, or even a tool box at all, moving these items around can be a really physical taxing ordeal.

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It is for this reason that you should get a rolling tool box. If this is what you want, then read on as we take a look at 5 cheap roll away tool boxes and the benefits you will get from using them.


Best Double Storage Plastic Rolling Tool Box

Bostitch rolling tool boxThe Bostitch rolling tool box is probably one of the best rolling tool boxes that suits anyone who wants to store bulky equipment. This is the kind of tool box that is meant to suit anyone who wants to store a lot of things which happen to be light in nature. The fact that the entire toolbox is made of plastic does not make it suitable for heavy duty usage.

This tool box can be easily separated into two parts, a top drawer and a bottom drawer which both have ball bearing slides. Both compartments are able to provide a total load capacity of about 70 pounds which can be more than useful to store a wide range of tools.

The height of this toolbox also makes it suitable for anyone who wants something that will not only serve as storage space for their tools, but also serve as a working space when need be. The top part of the tool boxcan easily serve as a toolbox when it has been stacked on the bottom part and the lid closed.

Best Steel Roll Away Tool Box Cabinet

Excel steel chest roller cabinetAnyone who detests plastic toolboxes should probably get the Excel steel chest roller cabinet. This roll away toolbox is entirely made of steel and is meant to provide sturdy protection to your equipment. To provide more protection, its entire surface is painted using black powder coat paint that makes the toolbox scratch and chemical erosion resistant.

This amazing steel cabinet comes with four 3” x 1”casters with two of them being fixed while the other two are swivel. The toolbox comes with locks to protect your equipment from theft. It has multiple drawers and trays that provide for more than enough storage. The toolbox provides easy maneuverability courtesy of its caster wheels.

The only drawback to this tool box is that it is made of really thin sheets of steel. The effect is that storing slightly heavy material easily bends parts of the cabinet. This makes the toolbox unsuitable for storing very heavy equipment.

It best stores light equipment such as brushes, clippers, shears and blades. Other than the fact that it can’t store very heavy items, many users liked for its size and capacity. Being 22” wide and 12” deep, it easily provides a lot of space for storage of your equipment.

Best Plastic Roll Away Tool Box and Mobile Workshop

Stalwart mobile workshop and tool boxSelecting the best roll away tool box can be a bit daunting especially if all you want is a simple tool box that will not only take care of your tool storage, but also offer storage for all power cables and extension cables. The Stalwart mobile workshop and tool box offers this unique ability to not only store tools, but also has cable hooks that prove to be very convenient for storing all manner of cables.

This toolbox cones with several compartments that offer a lot of space to store all kinds of tools. This heavy duty portable tool box that is primarily made of plastic, has two removable trays coupled with a fold-down handle which has a comfortable grip.

The fold-down handle comes in handy when the toolbox is not in use and there is need to save space. The toolbox also comes with a removable top storage. It has three small parts storage boxes which can easily accommodate bolts and nuts.

This is the most ideal tool box for anyone who wants a sturdy roll away tool box that has a lot of space to accommodate more tools. The tool boxes measures 17.5” in length, 10” in width and 24.5” in height which proves to offer more than enough storage space.

Most Durable Rolling Storage Solution

Keter plastic portable rolling organizerThis portable tool box is just the ideal tool box for someone who wants to move around a whole lot of tools easily. Unlike other portable tool boxes which could not take a lot of weight, the Keter plastic portable rolling organizer can do just that.

This unique is very sturdy and can handle any kind of equipment. Regardless of it being made of plastic, it can house all manner of equipment and still not bulk under the weight.

This is the ideal tool box for anyone who wants a toolbox that is sturdy and can handle a lot of punishment. This amazing tool box comes with compartmentalized bins and a tool divider that can be used to easily organize tools within tool box.

What’s more is that it has a central locking mechanism to provide extra security for your tools. Not only is this toolbox sturdy, but it also offers a lot of space. It has two removable bins on the lid with ball bearing slides which can easily slide apart to reveal the main bin at the bottom.

Users of this tool box like it for the ease through which it can be moved around and that it is sturdy, holding a lot of tools without it breaking under the weight.

Best Multi-tiered Foam Roll Away Tool Box

Stanley 4-in 1 mobile work stationOne of the best roll away tool boxes is no doubt the Stanley 4-in 1 mobile work station. This toolbox is suitable for individuals who want to easily store a lot of tools. Made out of foam, this multi-tiered gives you access to four storage areas which provide a lot of space to place all kinds of tools.

Its tiered cantilever provides for easy access to all four storage areas. It can be organized to accommodate small parts and hand tools. The bottom bin is the biggest of its storage area, with it being big enough to store large and heavy tools such as power tools. This toolbox can also easily turn into a portable workstation. The top of the lid can be used to secure lumber, pipe and other materials for easy cutting.

Many users have liked this tool box for the fact that it is easy to move around due to its telescopic handle and heavy duty wheels. The fact that it has a large front latch that automatically locks the whole unit only endears it to its users even more.

Cheap Roll Away Tool Boxes3Any of these 5 rolling tool boxes provide awesome storage capacity for various tools.

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Depending on the tools that you intend to store, any of these 5 tools will most definitely sort out your tool storage needs.