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Cheap Tool Boxes on Wheels

Cheap Tool Boxes on Wheels2Are you an individual who is good with their hands, always hauling around your tools, fixing or building something? If so, you have probably though about getting yourself a portable tool box that will not only provide you with a convenient way of organizing your tools, but will also provide you with the means to easily move your tools around.

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Such toolboxes should be able to be sturdy enough to hold both bulky and small tools without caving under the pressure of the weight of tools. If the idea of a portable toolbox fancies you, then keep on reading as we have a look at 5 cheap tool boxes on wheels and the convenience they bring who ever uses them.


Best Mobile Workshop and Toolbox

stalwart mobile workshop and toolboxThe stalwart mobile workshop and toolbox is one of the best mobile workshop and tool box for anyone who wants something simple that can serve as a tool box and a make shift workshop when need be.

This tool box was most definitely meant for the heavy tool user. The fact that it is made of metal and polypropylene makes it sturdy and suitable for housing a wide variety of tools. The tool box comes with two heavy duty portable tool boxes, with one measuring 17.5 inches by 7 inches by 9inches while the other measures 16.25 inches by 9 inches by 12.5 inches.

The toolbox has been made in such a way that one compartments stacks on the other, with the top one being easily removable. It also has a fold-down handle with a comfortable grip to provide for easy pushing and pulling of the toolbox.

Users who got to use this tool box have hailed it for its many compartments, which are a total 24 compartments. All these compartments provide enough space for easy organization of tools. The toolbox was however faulted for not being sturdy enough. It could not hold the weight of very heavy materials.

Best Mobile Work Center

Stanley Mobile Work CentreAn individual who constantly moves around with his tools might also find the need for a portable work station on which they can place various tools and perform certain actions such as assembling parts. The Stanley Mobile Work Centre is by far the best toolbox for such an individual. It combines the best of a mobile work station and sturdiness.

This toolbox’s design is nothing short of spectacular. Two large wheels placed on either side of the tool box provide for easy wheeling ofthe toolbox even where the ground is uneven. The toolbox has two bins, a lower and upper bin, with the lower bin being the bigger of the two. The lower bin is big enough to hold bulky tool such as power tools. It also has slide door which makes retrieval of tools really easy. The top bin includes a portable tray that functions to provide easy access of hand tools.

Users who have used this tool box liked it for the fact that it provided a lot of space for their tools and that it was heavy duty. This allowed them to store sturdy materials. As much as many users said that the tool box was a good addition to their construction equipment, a good number of them also said that it came with one design flaw. One had to place heavy materials in the bottom compartment otherwise it was going to topple over easily.

Best Three In One Mobile Workshop

Stanley 3-in-1rolling workshopIf you are one who has an assembly of both heavy tools and light tools, and needs to easily get them around, then the Stanley 3-in-1 rolling workshop is the best toolbox for you. It has the ability to easily hold and organize a wide variety of tools.

The tool box consists of two compartments that stack on each other with the bottom compartment being bigger than the top one. The bottom compartment is big enough to hold big tools such as power tools.

Each of the compartments can function independently, with each part having an optional removable organizer that can be used to organize small parts. The toolbox even has a telescopic handle.

Most of the users who used this toolbox liked it for its sturdiness and big bottom compartment that can be used to store bulkier items.

Best Mobile Toolbox Chest

Stanley Pro Contractor ChestThe Stanley Pro Contractor Chest is the best tool that is ideal for anyone who wants a sturdy tool box with easy organizers to help with organizing your tools. This chest encompasses the best of sturdiness and capacity to make it the best tool box for anyone who wants to easily move around very heavy items.

The tool box comes with a removable organizer that can be used to organize all small parts. The organizer can be removed to make space for storing really large items. It also has a portable tray which can be used to store small parts. Below the portable tray, is a bottom bin which can be used to store bulkier, larger items.

Users seem to like this toolbox because of its large capacity and portable organizer that helps with organizing tools. They also liked it for its v-grooved top which made it a suitable workstation for onsite sawing needs. Although most of its users said that they liked it for it size, a good number of them still said that the bottom bin was still not big enough to handle very big tools.

Best Collapsible Toolbox on Wheels

Original QuickCartMore often than not, an individual may find that their toolbox needs vary in terms of the number of equipment they need to carry around. One some occasions, they might need a toolbox that is big enough to hold a lot of bulky equipment while on other occasions, all they might need is a smaller tool box to hold a few items. If you are such an individual then the Original QuickCart collapsible handcart is ideal for you.

The one thing that is outstanding about this cart is that regardless of it having a top height of 17 inches high, it can also compress to about 3 inches when need be. The cart is made of heavy duty plastic and aluminum making it suitable for storing really bulky items.

With two wheels, the cart can easily handle moving around heavy items. When it is at its top height, the top of the cart can serve as a seat or a stepping stool, with the ability to hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

Users of this cart lauded it for its size and sturdiness. The cart has the ability to hold a lot items and given that it is made of heavy duty plastic and aluminum means that it can handle heavy items. The only drawback to this portable tool box is that it does not have a very good locking mechanism.

Cheap Tool Boxes on Wheels3Any of these cheap tool boxes on wheels can provide the much needed portability feature which can be essential for an individual who needs frequently carry around their tools.

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Your choice of a tool box from any of these will depend on your capacity and organizational needs.