Find the Cheapest Tool Chest on Wheels

Cheap Tool Chest on Wheels

Cheap Tool Chest on Wheels2Do you own a tool box but still find it difficult to keep your workplace organized? This could be because you lack a spacious unit for keeping the tools together. The good news is that the solution to your chronic tool-clutter problem is only a click away. Owning a cheap tool chest on wheels can greatly make your workplace tidy, as a result improving your output and reducing the risk of injuries.

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Wheeled tool chests have a large box on the bottom for storing large tools while additional drawers accommodate smaller tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. The inclusion of wheels and handles enable you to move with your chest around the workshop for convenience. Wheeled chests can be used in workshops, repair shops, garages, and businesses or even at home to keep your backyard in a good condition.


Most Organized Wheeled Tool Chest

Find the Cheapest Tool Chest on Wheels 1The Homegear 24″ 8 Drawer Tool Box Chest promptly addresses storage requirements in your workplace through well-organized compartments. Large and strong, the 24″ 8 cold-rolled steel cabinet has various drawers for better separation of tools. The cabinet features three wide drawers and three small ones on the top, with additional spacious drawers on the roll-cab. Movement about the workplace is facilitated by four heavy-duty casters fitted with swivels and two breaks.

Fine detail is paid to the design of each drawer for extra comfort. At the base of the drawers are anti-slip mats to keep tools in place. Additionally, they feature lockable swivels and ball bearing sliders to facilitate smooth opening. With a provision to lock the top chest, you can comfortably trust the chest with your valuable tools. Its black gloss finish with double walls is something you will be sure to admire.


  • Highly organized drawers
  • Heavy-duty casters with effective brakes
  • Effective ball bearings on drawers


  • Lacks pull handle to facilitate movement
  • The sheet metal is vulnerable to denting

Highest Value for Money

Stanley Rolling Tool Chest with Mechanic SetThe Stanley Rolling Tool Chest with Mechanic Set offers ample storage for any tool in the work place, from nails and screwdrivers to wrenches. The three-drawer chest is designed with a removable top to maximize storage space. A good way to maximize its use is by grouping your tools in relation to their size. Robust casters support the 52-pound Stanley Rolling Tool Chest and ensure the equipment moves about smoothly. The unit has an attractive sleek finish that doubles as a rust-resistant substance.

A distinctive feature of the Stanley Rolling Chest is the inclusion of a bonus 68-piece mechanic set that improves its functionalities, offering more value for money. You will definitely find the twenty five 1/4–inch drive sockets useful, similarly to the 20 nut bits included in the set. The set also comes with a 1/4 – inch drive round head bi-material ratchet to aid you when inspecting batteries. The bonus package has a 1/4 – inch drive spinner handle and 20 drive specialty bits.


  • Bonus mechanical set makes cabinet more useful
  • The unit retains initial sheen due to the chrome finish


  • It may bend under the weight of heavy tools

Enormous storage space

Craftsman5 Drawer Homeowner Tool Chest CenterNothing leaves your workplace more organized than a Craftsman 5 Drawer Homeowner Tool Chest. With bulk storage space between the top and bottom drawers, the 5-drawer chest center perfectly accommodates your small tools as well as some power tools. Equipped with strong handles and anti-slip bottoms, the middle drawers are meant to offer maximum performance. Four 3 x1-inch castor wheels facilitate easy maneuver for the enormous tool center.

Apart from providing enormous storage space for your tools, the Craftsman 5 Drawer Tool Chest has upgraded features for improved efficiency. The all-steel unit features an external locking system that keeps your tools safe even in your absence. Additionally, a hinged support keeps the top drawer open for easy accessibility of the tools. Mounting the 14 x 27 x54-inch unit reclaims your work-space and home backyard by keeping all clutter together.


  • Has ample space for large household items and power tools
  • Rigid construction with safety locks


  • Relatively heavy for household use

Perfect Unit for Enormous Tools

Craftsman 5-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Tool Center Worried of the storage for your large tools such as circular saws and helmets? The 44.25 x 26.5 x 14–inch Craftsman 5-Drawer Tool Center could just be the solution. While it does not differ significantly from the Homeowner Tool Chest Center, the big storage space is a catch for any professional workman. Each of the drawers holds up to 30 pounds of load.

A separate top and bottom drawers together with three smaller drawers provide organized storage for the tools. Standard ball-bearings ensure each drawer opens smoothly, while latches secure them in place once closed. Secured backup is provided through an external locking system operated efficiently with the turn of a key.


  • Huge capacity customized for large tools
  • Thoughtful design provides organized sorting of tools.


  • Rod-lock mechanism might be inconveniencing
  • Easily suffers dents if not handled with care

Most Efficient Wheeled Chest for Small Tools

Excel TB220XAB Chest Roller Combination, BlackA good way to add some look to your workshop is by mounting the Excel TB220XAB Chest Roller Combination. The unit is designed with eight drawers that open smoothly to full length through ball bearing slide action. These drawers are arranged according to their size, making it easy to identify the location of your tools. Lockable compartments provide a secure storage for your tools within the sturdy steel unit. Each of the eight drawers is fixed with an aluminum pull for improved usability.

Considering its steel construction, the combination chest is a strong unit that does not give in to the weight of its load. At the base are equally strong 3 x 1 casters, while a powder-coat finish on the exterior makes the Excel Chest Roller Combination scratch- and chemical resistant. Tools are easily accessible as a cover support props the lid open when in use.


  • Multiple drawers provide ample storage for tools
  • Compact design


  • Not suitable for huge tools

Cheap Tool Chest on Wheels3Real tool enthusiasts know that cheap tool chest on wheels are the solution for keeping their huge collection of tools organized.

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Designed with spacious drawers in different configurations, these steel units allow you to improve your output. If your problem is storage unit, cluttered work space or transport of tools around the workplace, consider a wheeled tool chest for a permanent solution.