Top 5 Extreme Tools Toolbox Reviews

Extreme Tools Toolbox Review

Extreme Tools Toolbox Review2Whether you like carrying out your workshop projects professionally or doing simple DIY tasks at home, having the right Extreme Tools toolbox makes all the difference.

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Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to choose the right toolbox. For instance, some handymen prefer quality while others inspect the price and features first. A professional will always choose a toolbox depending on what he/she needs.

For example, your toolbox should be large enough to store all your tools (small, huge, inventory and more), be small enough to fit in the workshop and portable if you will be moving from one workstation to the next.

However, not everyone knows what to look for when buying an Extreme Tools toolbox. This page contains honest Extreme Tools toolbox reviews. Rather than knowing what to look for when choosing a tool box, you should know that price is not always quality.


The perfect value for money

Extreme Tools EX5611RCBKThe Extreme Tools EX5611RCBK offers what every professional is looking for. This 56 inch Extreme Tools toolbox comes with an 11-drawer cabinet fitted with ball bearings.

To ensure that all the tools are securely stored, this product has six 5 inch by 2 inch casters, a heavy duty steel construction, 20 inch cabinet depth and high powder gloss powder coat finish.

The system uses two gas lifts to support the top lid. Other features include: High density EVA drawer liners, a tubular keys and coded lock system, an aluminum polished handles on either sides (ergonomically designed) and ball bearing slides present in the drawers are rated 100-200 pounds per drawer.


  • Offers easy accessibility to tools
  • Drawers are made from heavy gauge metal hence show zero signs of stress
  • Very portable – due to its six wheels and a brake to keep it in place
  • Works smoothly and easily


  • Requires a lot of weight at the bottom for stability
  • Designed for professionals

There’s no better offer than this!

Extreme Tools EX5621CRBLUnlike most toolbox models available in the market, the Extreme Tools EX5621CRBL ensures that technicians have an easy time at the workshop or garage.

There’s a reason why releases from Extreme Tools are so popular among homeowners and professionals. This 56 inch standard tool box is one of Extreme Tools’ best seller. Why?

For starters, this model is constructed from heavy duty steel hence very durable and resistant to mechanical wear. Its drawers use sliding ball bearings rated 100-200 pounds per drawer hence there’s no room for malfunction.

Just like its cousin, this toolbox has polished aluminum full width handles on both sides. Its high gloss powder coat finish adds to its appealing qualities. The Top Chest has the following features: dual gas lifts to support the top lid and EVA high density drawer liners. Its dimensionsare 55.25 inches (w) by 19.75 inches (deep) by 20.375 inches (high).

The bottom chest comes with: Extra deep high gloss powder finish, a theft proof key and lock system and six 5 by 2 inch casters where 2 are rigid and 4 are swivel locked. Dimensions – 56 inch by 20 inch by 41 inch.


  • Theft proof
  • Very durable
  • Offers the best tool organization and accessibility


  • The 2 brackets offered to anchor boxes together don’t fit. You can re-bend them to fit
  • No handle to lift the cover

Easy handling, excellent portability & durable construction

Extreme Tools EX5511RCBKAny tool or equipment to be used in the workshop should be resistant to mechanical wear and environmental hazards.

Well, the Extreme Tools EX5511RCBK comes with all these premium qualities. This toolbox from Extreme Tools is one of the best choices in the market.

This state-of-the-art toolbox comes with incredible features such as ball bearing slides, black high gloss powder coat, 11-drawer roller cabinet and security coded lock system.

Other features include: full-width drawer pulls which are resistant to oxidation, double steel wall drawer fronts for better rigidity (prevents sagging and twisting), Spot welded brackets under each drawer and tubular coded lock and key system for better security.

Dimensions: 55 inch (length) by 30 inch(width) by 46.38 inch (height)


  • Resistant to not only mechanical stress but also oxidation
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • Very secure key and lock system– there’s no play in the draws once locked
  • Its stainless steel top can be used as a workbench


  • Can only be pulled. You cannot carry it when fully loaded

An all-in-one portable workstation

Extreme Tools EX5611RCBLExtreme Tools has a good reputation for releasing top-notch toolboxes. However, you will not enjoy what they have to offer until you meet Extreme Tools EX5611RCBL.

This 56 inch Ex Standard Series toolbox is designed for professionals who are looking for a balance between price and high quality attributes.

This workstation comes with 21 large drawers fitted with full extension bearing slides rates 100 lbs per slide. There is also an additional storage compartment beneath the lid of the top chest. To ensure that the toolbox is resistant to chemicals, stains and scratches, its surface is coated with a formulated high gloss powder.

The drawer pulls are aluminum polished and have a chrome side trim for professional look. Other incredible features include; High density EVA drawer liners, tubular coded lock and key system and heavy duty steel construction.


  • Very durable
  • Easy to access and very portable
  • Suitable for both small and large tools
  • Offers the best security for your tools


  • Some systems have a glitch in the stainless steel top

Every technician’s happy place

Extreme Tools EX7217RCBLThe Extreme Tools EX7217RCBL comes with all any DIYer or a professional needs. This workstation comes with a 72 inch, 17 draw professional triple bank roller cabinet that offers a huge tools storage space. It has unique features that cannot be found on other models.

Any technician with this toolbox will enjoy exclusive features such as; Spot welded support brackets under each drawer that prevent twisting or sagging, 95% high gloss AKZO powder coat finish (resistant to chemical stains, corrosion and scratches), high density EVA drawer liners, 11-gauge steel frame (extreme strength), full width drawer pulls polished with anodized aluminum (oxidation resistant), ball bearing slides rates 300-600 lbs per drawer and tubular coded lock and key security system.


  • Long durability
  • Offers a huge storage space for workshop tools
  • Sliders offer a smooth and easy operation
  • Once locked, the drawers remain tight-shut
  • Its 16 gauge stainless steel top can be used as a work bench


  • Apart from stability issues when more load is at the top, this workstation is good to go

Extreme Tools Toolbox Review3There are many types of toolboxes and each of them comes with benefits and limitations. Now that you have gone through an honest Extreme Tools toolbox review, pick the tool box that meets all your workshop needs.

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Ensure that you make your order from trusted suppliers for high quality products and fast delivery. Remember, a technician is as good as his/her tools.