10 Tips On Keeping Your Garage Door Safe

10 Tips On Keeping Your Garage Door Safe

Your garage door can be susceptible to many problems.

These include external threats in the form of intruders. You might not think that your garage door would be targeted, but you could be wrong! 

How many garage doors are targeted by criminals?

Almost nine percent of burglaries start by criminals entering through the garage (via NACHI).

Once thieves have access to your garage door, they can help themselves to your valuable possessions inside your garage – and perhaps even be able to enter your home.

It’s therefore really necessary to ensure that your garage door is safe and sound. Here are some tips to help you boost its level of security. 

How To Keep Your Garage Door Safe

To boost the security of your garage door, make sure you follow these important tips:  

Frost The Windows


Yes, this article is about how to secure your garage door but you have to spare a thought for your garage windows. These are basically how thieves can peek into your garage and figure out their game plan for compromising the garage door.

For example, if they see through the window that your garage door has a release cord which is not secured, they will start coming up with ways to get to it.

By strengthening your windows, you can prevent them from looking in. A good way to do this is with burglar bars but you can also frost your windows.

Now, this might not be something you’d want to consider if you want more natural light to enter your garage, so at least cover them up with blinds.

This will prevent criminals from being able to view the inside of your garage from the windows, where they will be able to see your cars, expensive tools, and other items.

Use A Smart Opener


Having a garage opener can make your garage door more secure because of how it ensures the door is locked when it’s in the down position, but criminals are smart – they could force the garage door open.

So, it’s a good idea to use a smart garage door opener, such as Chamberlain Smartphone-Controlled Garage Door Opener as this will monitor the garage door’s security status.

You’ll get notifications on your smartphone if someone has opened it, keeping you one step ahead of burglars. 

Cover Your Release Cord


If you’ve seen those videos on YouTube about how criminals can use coat hangers to open your garage door in less than a minute, chances are you were left speechless.

What they do is bend a wire coat hanger and slip it through the door and then use the hangar to pull the release cord so that they can open the door from the outside.

You can get in the way of their plans by cutting your garage door’s emergency release cord, but that isn’t a good idea because it reduces its safety. Instead, use a garage shield to keep the emergency release cord out of reach. This one by Garage Shield will do the trick.

Put In A Door Timer


It can happen to anyone – you’re very busy and stressed out, so you forget to close your garage door.

By installing a garage door timer, it will close your garage door automatically after a certain amount of time, therefore reducing the chance of a thief being able to walk right into your garage. 

Keep Your Garage Door In Good Condition


The better condition that your garage door is in, the less likely it is that thieves will be able to find a way into it. Always make sure the garage door’s bolts and hinges aren’t rusty, and test that your automatic door is working properly.

If it looks a bit bent or unsteady, chances are it will be easier for a thief to compromise it and get into your home. Similarly, if your garage doors have any gaps in them, it will be much easier for burglars to bend or damage them. 

Invest In Good Locks


If you have an automatic garage door, you’ll know that all you need to do is use your remote control to engage its electronic locking system.

You just have to be sure that you never leave your remote anywhere where criminals can get to it – one of the worst places to store it is in your car.

If you have a manual garage door, you will have to purchase strong locks for it. Consider sliding locks and deadbolts.

A good tip is to think of securing your garage door in the same way you would secure any other door in the house, so avoid weak locks that don’t offer enough strength. 

Install Security Cameras


You want to be able to see your garage door and who is lingering around it, even late at night, so consider installing a security camera.

You can purchase models that will send the feed to your smartphone with the use of an app. An example of a highly-rated security camera is Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera by Google. 

Upgrade The Garage Door Opener


If you have an outdated garage door opener, this won’t be as secure as newer ones that make use of what’s known as roller code technology.

What this means is that the opener will produce a brand new security code whenever the remote button is pressed, therefore keeping your garage door much more secure.

Lock The Garage’s Connecting Door


Sometimes, despite your best efforts to increase the security of your garage, and garage door in particular, thieves can still get into your garage.

This is why it’s essential to secure the door that connects your garage to the rest of the home, otherwise thieves will be able to gain access to it really easily. Install locks and deadbolts on this door.

You could also install a security door that’s made of steel to give you further protection and peace of mind. 

Reduce Your Landscaping


While this might sound a bit strange, it’s a good idea to avoid planting bushes and large plants close to your garage doors.

While these look visually appealing, they can be appealing to thieves in other ways – they give thieves the perfect hiding places on your property, helping them inch closer to your garage door. Keep the garage door area clean and sparse. 

Extra Benefits Of Boosting Your Garage Door Security

Extra Benefits Of Boosting Your Garage Door Security

While you might be hesitant to upgrade your garage door in order to beef up its safety, perhaps from a cost perspective, doing this has other benefits. Here’s a rundown of them. 

Filling in gaps will keep your garage door safe in many ways.

Earlier in this article, we mentioned how filling in any gaps and cracks in your garage door is important so as not to give thieves a way inside, but doing this also prevents water from entering your garage, which prevents problems such as mold.

In addition, it can help to keep your garage warmer during the colder months when freezing air tries to enter. 

Fixing your garage door weather-proofs it

Weather-proofing (or weather-sealing) your garage door can be done in various ways. These include adding a door seal at the bottom or adding some stop molding along the top and sides.

These strategies help to make the door airtight so that moisture, dirt, and pests can’t get inside your garage.

This also makes it more energy-efficient. But, it also helps to make your garage door more secure in general, which can prevent intruders from finding a way inside your home. 

Landscaping tips will prevent water accumulation

Keeping large plants and bushes away from your garage door won’t only prevent thieves from being able to hide on your property, but it will also prevent cracks from forming in the ceiling or walls, which could lead to water accumulating in your garage.

This, in turn, will prevent problems such as mold

It’s clear to see that giving your garage door a bit of a security upgrade will have other positive consequences, so it’s definitely something to consider. 

Related Questions 

Can your garage door be hacked? 

Criminals can hack your garage door security if they know your digital code or they can release the door from its opener manually. This is why a rolling code is much safer.

What’s the strongest and safest garage door? 

Steel doors are very strong and durable, which makes them a secure option for your garage door, but you can also get what’s known as the “sandwich garage door” which is made up of a steel front, steel back, and thermal middle part.

This is also soundproof and energy-efficient


Your garage door is one of the most important doors in your home, but have you secured it enough?

The last thing you want is for criminals to gain access to your garage where valuable possessions, such as your car and tools, are located.

Therefore, one of the most important things you need to do is secure your garage door. In this article, we’ve outlined some important tips to keep your garage door safe so you don’t have to worry about it.

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