Garage Wall Organization: Nine Tips

Garage Wall Organization: Nine Tips

Are all your garage items taking up too much floor space?

There’s no doubt that the garage can easily become an area in the home that doubles up as storage space, but that also means it can become cluttered. This can make it difficult for you to use the garage for what it was intended, such as your DIY workshop. 

Is clutter dangerous in the garage?

Clutter can be dangerous because it’s a tripping hazard, but it can also be a fire hazard, such as if you’re storing books and wood in your garage. 

You don’t have to deal with a cluttered mess in your garage. Here are some interesting and smart ways to organize your garage – make use of your walls! 

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the garage wall organization, we got you covered:

Garage Wall

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Stack Your Storage Bins

Stack Your Storage Bins

Store your garage items in plastic bins as these are less likely to attract mold. But, instead of stacking them against the wall, use the vertical space you have in your garage to your advantage.

This means building a storage tower with them (via Family Handyman) – all you need are some boards to make a thin and long shelf for the bins and then you’ll have a permanent storage solution for them that’s out of the way.

You can make use of bins of different colors and assign them specific materials and items so that you’ll immediately know where everything is, saving you tons of time. 

Install A Corner Shelf

Install A Corner Shelf

You might not have space against the wall for shelves, so consider installing a corner shelf since corners usually go to waste. This can come to the rescue for small items you want to keep out of the way but still within reach if you need them.

Get creative with your corner shelf to make the most of the limited space. For example, a ladder can be used in the corner on which you can store items on its rungs.

You could also make use of triangular-shaped wooden shelves that fit the corner perfectly or longer shelves that fit into the corner and then expand on either side to give you more storage space. 

Use Wire Shelving

Use Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is strong and durable, and you can find wire shelves that can handle hundreds of pounds of weight on them.

You can purchase single wire shelving units that enable you to store large containers, but you also have wall-mounted wire shelves as an option. These store your items higher up on the wall, making extra space for your cars and other objects on the garage floor.

For the ultimate convenience, you can find wire shelves that are on wheels, so you can move them around to wherever you need them, making use of them like a portable workspace. 

Set Up A Pegboard

Set Up A Pegboard

A pegboard is one of the most practical ways to store more items in your garage. How it works is that it contains drilled holes in a grid design on which you can hang hooks to store your tools.

Best of all, once your pegboard is installed on the wall, you’ll be able to spot tools or other DIY items you need from it at a glance. It’s so much neater and easier to use than having a bunch of toolboxes around. 

Make Use Of Hooks

Make Use Of Hooks

Hooks are a simple installation system for your garage wall. Simply mount them into plywood or pegboard so that you can store a variety of tools.

Go for larger hooks if you need them to carry heavier weight, such as in the form of your bicycles and gardening equipment like shovels.

You can even find hooks that are attached to the ceiling, so your bike will rest against the wall but completely out of the way. If you’re going to be putting lots of weight on the wall hooks, it’s essential to secure the hooks into a wall stud. 

Hang Up Wire Baskets

Hang Up Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a great storage option for the walls in your garage. You can see items through them plus they’re light and stay out of the way as much as possible.

Although they’re light, you can find wire baskets that can accommodate up to 50 pounds of weight, so they’ll definitely come in handy in your garage. Many also come with detachable bases so you don’t have to keep them in the same place. 

Set Up Some Floating Shelves

Set Up Some Floating Shelves

No space for a shelf, whether against the wall or in the corner?

Don’t worry, you can make use of floating shelves. The ones that you’ll find in garages are usually made of metal. You can find shelves that will carry hundreds of pounds of weight, so you don’t have to worry about not having a space for all your heavy items.

Best of all, they’re easy to install – simply use the screws that come with the shelves.

Put Your Bench On The Wall

Bench On The Wall

Sometimes it’s not items you want to store in the garage that get in your way but your workbenches. If these are large and chunky, they can easily cause your garage to feel so much smaller. That’s why it’s a good idea to try to store your workbench on the wall to save space.

If you don’t want to make one of these items yourself, you can purchase them from stores such as Amazon.

You can find workbench surfaces that operate in a similar way to wall shelves, but the bonus of them is that they can be folded away when not in use, therefore opening up more space in the garage. 

Build PVC Pipe Storage

Build PVC Pipe Storage

If you don’t mind a bit of DIY to help you increase your garage wall storage options, you’ll love this idea. Find some PVC pipe and cut out a few pieces that are a few inches in length.

Then, get two pieces of wood and nail these to the garage wall, making sure that one is several inches higher than the other. You will then attach the tubes you’ve cut out to the wood, all along the wood surface.

Make sure the PVC tubes you’ve attached to the top and bottom wood pieces are parallel to each other because you will slide your tools, such as rakes, shovels, and even brooms or mops, through them.

The tubes work to keep your tools in place! This is useful to organize the tools plus it will prevent them from taking up too much space. 

Extra Garage Storage Tips

Extra Garage Storage Tips

When installing wall shelves, don’t be afraid to place them really high up on the walls. This will free up more space below them and on the floor.

However, it’s wise to ensure that whatever items you store right at the top should be ones that you don’t need on a regular basis, otherwise it will be a nuisance to have to climb up there and get them. 

If your wall bins are not transparent, make sure you put clear labels on them. It will make your life so much easier and prevent you from being disorganized by throwing various items into random bins when you’re in a hurry.

While you might have everything in your garage better organized by making use of wall storage, it means nothing if you haven’t designated specific areas of the garage for storing different types of items.

For example, one wall could be dedicated to gardening tools and sports equipment, while another area could be where you store pegboards with your tools and have shelves with your cordless tools on them. In this way, you’ll have everything you need and know where to find it. 

Consider using a slatwall. This works in a similar way to a pegboard, and it’s just as useful because it’s essentially a panel system in which you can store tool holders, baskets, and hooks, and arrange them in whatever way you want. 

Cabinets are useful to install in your garage because they can hide some bulky, cluttered items that you don’t want on display.  

Related Questions 

How can you make use of magnets for better garage storage? 

Simply attach magnets to items such as small tools and cans, and then keep these on metal shelves.

How can you organize tangled extension cords? 

All you need is a coat hook that’s been attached to the wall, and chains. Wrap up the extension cords and then loop the chain through them before putting the chains on the hook. 


You use your garage workshop on a daily basis, but the last thing you feel like doing is DIY work when your garage is messy and disorganized.

It’s time to organize your garage! While you might not have enough floor space to store important items, you can make use of precious wall space.

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