How to Install a Truck Tool Box Without Drilling?

How to Install a Truck Tool Box Without Drilling

How to Install a Truck Tool Box Without DrillingLearning how to install a truck tool box without drilling is necessary if you want a secure storage point without undermining the integrity of your vehicle. Lately, the number of people opting for this method is rising because of several reasons. First, more-and-more people are appreciating the value of having a tool box in their trucks. Second, many people are concerned about damaging the truck bed hence look for better options. Third, truck owners want a simpler way of mounting the tool boxes without the need of calling an expert.

When thinking about installing a tool box in your truck, you need to think of several aspects. One, accessing the tools should be easy and should causes minimal inconvenience. Two, the tools as well as box should remain safe and well-secured once the box has been locked. Three, no damage should occur to the truck during installation or use. Four, it should be able to withstand the rough terrains, road vibrations, the elements and more.


Choosing The Right Tool Box

The first step of installing the box is making sure you acquire the right type. It should properly accommodate all your equipment and tools without wasting too much space. There are several types in the market and each is designed for specific applications. Crossover type are installed across the width of the cargo bed and offer large storage space. Side tool boxes are mounted along the length of the bed and are designed for longer tools. There is also fifth-wheel type of boxes which are much smaller and ideal for smaller tools.

Steps For Installing The Tool Box

Items Required

  • Tool Box
  • Open-ended wrench or spanner
  • Foam padding strips
  • Aluminum J hooks with nuts, or special type of heavy-duty bolts that tighten on an aluminum-block kind of nut.


1. Choose the perfect location. You first need to identify the region you will be installing the toolbox. Is it on the front, side or at the corner. It’s paramount to make sure the lid of the box opens without any difficulty and is not hindered by the side rails. Always measure the box and the spaces around before attempting the installation.

2. Fit the foam padding. The tool box can damage the truck cargo bay (sides and bottom). It is vital to protect these regions by placing rubber foam padding before affixing the tool box. Measure the width or length depending on box type and attach the foam padding.NB: this step may be skipped if the truck came with a bed liner.

3. Align the box with the pre-drilled holes: The cargo bay features some holes on the bottom surface which usually come plugged with rubber plugs. Remove the plugs and set the box at the right position. Open the lid and align the holes found on the bottom with those found on the bed rail.

4. Fit the J-hooks or other type of Bolts: Once the holes in the tool box align with those found on the bed rail ,the next step in slipping the J-hooks. Depending on the design of the truck or tool box, you may be required to carryout this step before placing the toolbox on the bed rails. On average, it takes about 4 to 6 bolts to secure the tool box.

5. Tighten the Toolbox to the bed rails: Use the open-ended wrench or spanner to tighten the tool box. Makes sure you don’t use too much effort as this may damage the bed rails. Also, don’t use too little effort as this may leave gaps between the took box and bed causing vibrations.

6. Re-confirm the Installation: Open the lid to ensure it opens perfectly without any hindrance. Shake the box to see if there are any vibrations or shaking. Confirm no bolts, nuts, or washers have been left behind.

Additional Tips

Always go for heavy-duty stainless steel J-hooks that measure at least 5/16 inches in width and 5 inches in length. A better option is using a type of special bolt that comes with a nut that resembles an aluminum block that hooks to the rail. Using Loctite ensures the nuts don’t become loose or back out due to the rough terrains and vibrations.

The above is a simple breakdown of the necessary steps needed to mount a tool box on the truck.With the right tools and following the above steps, installing the tool box should take minimal time and efforts. It can also be done by even those who aren’t very handy or experienced in this field. In addition to offering a proper and secure storage point for your tools, this article on how to install a truck tool box without drilling is simple and easy to follow.