How to Organize Tool Chest Drawers?

How to Organize Tool Chest Drawers

How to Organize Tool Chest DrawersHaving a tool chest is a great step in keeping all of your tools in one general location. But having a tool chest is not the final step you should take for having their tools together. Knowing how to organize the tool chest drawers is a step that is just as important as buying the tool chest. By having the tools organized, you are able to find the tools when you need them with very little searching through drawers for the tool that is needed.


Foam Organizers

One of the best ways to keep each individual drawer organized is to use foam organizers. These inserts are useful for several reasons. The first is the most obvious reason. By using these foam inserts, you will have a spot dedicated to each of your tools. This is because these foam inserts can be cut to fit each of your tools into them. Another benefit to using the foam organizers in your tool chest is that it can clearly show when a tool is being used or is missing. This makes keeping up with all of your tools much easier than if you were to choose to not use the foam organizers.

Another use for the foam organizers that should not be overlooked is as drawer dividers. In this particular case, the dividers are normally rectangular pieces of foam that can be easily moved around in the drawers to keep the tools separated and organized. These are often more popular than the foam that has been cut into shapes since they allow the drawer to be reorganized over time as needed.

Determine the Usage

When deciding which drawers to use for which tools, there is one good rule of thumb to remember. If there are certain tools that you use much more often than others, you will want them to be where you can get to them easily. For that reason, it is a good idea to put the tools that you use the most in the drawers that are about waist high. This ensures that these tools are easy to get to and will always be in reach when you need them. Tools that are used very little can easily be placed in the highest drawers or in the lowest drawers without causing a lot of issue to you when you are using the tool chest.

Units of Measure

If you have different units of measure for your tools, then this is something that needs to be taken into consideration. If you have both standard and metric units of measure for your tools, then separating these is always a good idea. These can be placed in separate drawers completely or they can be divided in a drawer using something like that foam organizer. This will make getting the correct tool for the job much easier.

Different Types of the Same Tool

If you have multiple types of a tool, then dividing these may be a good idea. One such tool that can be divided up is a screwdriver. Each of the different types of screwdrivers can be placed in individual drawers. Or if there are not that many screwdrivers, the drawer can be divided up to help ensure that the different types of screwdrivers will be kept separate.

Specific Uses or Considerations

Another major consideration when deciding on how to organize your tool chest is to decide how each of your tools are used. If you have tools that are meant for one specific purpose, those tools should be stored together. This allows for ease of access when working on a specific project. Another consideration is whether you have any tools that are delicate. Tools that you would not want damaged should be stored together. This will help keep your tools in the shape that you need them to be in when you are ready to use them.

No matter how you decide to set up your tool chest, you should always remember to be creative and to think outside the box. There is no one right or wrong way on to how to organize tool chest drawers. You can take advice from others who have had experience organizing their own tool chests but must ultimately decide what organizational style will work best for you and the tools that you have to store. Every tool chest is different and must be treated as if they were completely unique.