How to Organize Your Truck Tool Box?

How to Organize Your Truck Tool Box

How to Organize Your Truck Tool BoxThere’s nothing worse than having an ill-organized truck tool box – especially when you reach in to get a desired piece of equipment and it’s broke because it’s been rattling around and banging about in there. Or, more commonly, you can’t find your desired tool because the tool box lacks any real organization.

It’s strange (but true) just how important a little detail like the organization of your truck tool box is. It can impact the quality of your work or if your job gets done at all. Keep reading for a few handy hints as to how to keep your important tool box organized.



When organizing your gear, it seems counterproductive to keep things you use on a daily basis at the bottom and the rarely used items up front. Starting with the never-used-but-maybe-will-someday, work your way up to the constantly in use tools and organize your things in this methodical manner. This way, too, you get to know exactly where about each item is located without the cussing that comes with digging around for what you need.


Sections are your friend. You don’t want oil and grease all over each and every one of your tools, so ensure each compartment has its boundaries. A greased up tool when not needed will not only slow down your job, but could also lead to yet another bout of cussing when you hurt yourself. So, compartmentalize your tools ensuring you don’t cross contaminate. This may sound simple but it’s a common mistake many people make!

Bag it up

The use of canvas bags is also a good idea. This can ensure you group similar items in one easy, durable and accessible place. They are also cheap, so paying for a few won’t hurt your bank balance. All those little meddlesome little tools, or the bits and bobs you know you’ll need at some point can’t stray too far when you have them bagged up in your canvas bag. Invest in this trick and avoid annoying little tool losses.

A robust tool box

The aforementioned points are all well and good – but in reality, a very decent, robust toolbox is the key to ensuring the above points are an efficient means to keeping your gear organised. Look out for a tool box that is solid, that will allow you to section and layer your tools, is easy to open yet won’t spill open at the drop of a hat in that back of your truck. Quality is a must here.

Rack it up

Those pesky clamps are hard to put into storage, and even harder to retrieve from a compact toolbox. A good way to make it more accessible to these tools is to invest in some clamps. Ideally steel framed, these towers can be erected and can host a big array of different sized clamps. Not only are they more accessible, you have a much neater solution to storing your wares.


A very symmetrically set up row of magnets in your truck can keep hold of plentiful tools and ensures your toolbox doesn’t get too overflowing from your gear. Investing in some good magnetised tool holders can allow for extra space in your tool box and be quite pleasing to the eye when in an organized truck. The way these are laid out also ensures you can get to them swiftly and you don’t need to look too far to get what you need. It’s also an effective means to prevent losing any small spanners or items that (typically) go missing when you need them most.


Invest in some protective means to ensure your tools don’t damage each other in transit. Foam is a cheap, durable and efficient option when protecting your tools. It can also be a good way to separate tools from one another – see the sections point above. Utilizing this in your truck tool box will give you visual organization and enable a quicker locate and more systematized box for you to grab things from.

Those are some quick, easy and cheap ways to organize your truck tool box. If you adapt your toolbox to meet those hints, you’ll have a much neater work space and avoid any frustrations when looking for that one tool you just can’t find. Thus, become a more efficient and happier worker. Give those a try and see what you think!