Top 5 International Tool Box Reviews

International Tool Box Review

International Tool Box Review2Are you in search of a high quality tool box? Looking for the best tool box that suits all your needs can be quite challenging. This is because there are a number of companies that deal in the manufacture of tool boxes and all these companies differ in the quality of products they produce.

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You need to look at the features of the tool box in order to get an idea of how exactly the tool box might work for your needs. It is also important to look at reliable and reputable brands when choosing a tool box. SPG International is at the top of the list when it comes to companies that produce high quality tool boxes.

Below are some SPG International tool box reviews that can really help you decide which tool box to go for since they are some of the best in the market.


Best Tool Box for Busy Work Place

Dr Value Series CabinetIf you work in a very busy environment where you are in constant need of your tool box, the Dr Value Series Cabinet is the kind of tool box you need. This tool box has a number of features that make it perfect for use in a busy work environment. First and foremost, this international tool box has a set of wheels. This makes it very easy to move the tool box from one place to another. The tool box also has a series of cabinets which make it possible for you to store as many tools as you want in order to make it easy to access. Last but not least, the tool box has a handle which you can use to hold on to the tool box when pulling it which makes it even more convenient.

The advantage of this tool box is the fact that it has numerous cabinets that create enough room for various types of tools. It is also advantageous because it can be pushed. This makes it possible to move it from one place to another.

The only disadvantage one would have with this type of tool box is the fact that it may require maintenance especially on h wheels to prevent them from coming off. This however should not be a problem if the tool box is handled well.

Best DIY Toolbox

Drawer DIY Top ChestIf you like doing Do It Yourself projects or would like to start, the Drawer DIY Top Chest is a must have. This is a tool box that is very spacious. This means it can accommodate a good number of tools that you need for a DIY project. The closure is also designed in such a way that is secure to protect your tools from theft or damage. Last but not least, this tool box has a simple design which gives you an easy time locating your tools.

The advantage of this tool box is the fact that it is very well designed, the cabinets are spacious and it has a very unique colour that keeps you in the mood to try out different DIYs.

The only disadvantage with this tool box is the fact that it does not have wheels. This means you have to walk over to the tool box every time you need a tool or move the tool box. This is what makes it good for DIYs since they are mostly done in small spaced areas.

Best Designed Tool Box

Value Series ChestIf you are looking for a stylish but very durable tool box, the Value Series Chest is the way to go. This is a tool box that has a very unique design that makes you stand out at the work place. This tool box has ball bearing slides on all drawers, a double walled heavy duty design and a high gloss powder cost paint that is scratch resistant which makes it very durable.

The advantage you get from this tool box is durability and great design. The fact that is scratch resistant means it will serve you for a long time. The bearings also contribute to durability since they make movement easier.

The only disadvantage is that this tool box does not have wheels; it cannot therefore be used in very busy work environments.

Best Job Site Tool Box

Job Site Tool BoxThere are projects that require you to have most of your tools with you. In such a situation, you need to have a quality tool box that can carry most of your tools. The Job Site Tool Box is the perfect example of this. This tool box is very spacious to accommodate a number of tools and has a very secure lid to ensure your tools are in perfect condition and secure when on transit.

The advantages of this tool box are: security, durability, and space. The only disadvantage one might have with this tool box is the fact that it does not have wheels, this makes it a bit heavy to lift when it has tools in it.

Best Top Chest Tool Box

Drawer DIY Top ChestIf your projects do not involve a lot of movement and are done in a small space area, you need a quality top chest tool box that can accommodate your tools and keep them safe. The best tool box that fits this description perfectly is the Drawer DIY Top Chest. This is a great tool box that has a number of drawers in which you can keep a number of tools. It also has a very secure lid which keeps all your tools safe when you are not using them. This tool box is also made of very high quality material which makes it very durable.

The advantages of this tool box include: durability, safety, space and the ease of use. The only disadvantage of this tool box is the fact that it is not portable. This is because it can be quite heavy to move from one place to another especially if it has tools in it. This is however possible if you are using a vehicle.

International Tool Box Review3In conclusion, from these International tool box reviews, you can decide which tool box fits your needs the best and get it.

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You do not have to spend a lot of time doing research since these are the best tool boxes in the market and they are made by a very reputable and reliable company.