Top Mount Tool Boxes for Trucks

Top Mount Tool Boxes for Trucks

Top Mount Tool Boxes for Trucks2If you’re fed up with the lack of space in your cab to carry your tools and don’t want your regular tool box sliding around in the back of your truck, it may be time to consider getting a dedicated truck tool box. If you’re a professional contractor, electrician, plumber or just someone who’s always on the go and prepared to fix things, a mounted tool box for your truck is basically a must-have.

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The accessibility of truck tool boxes allow you to always have your tools with you while you’re on the move, and with that added benefit that your tools aren’t unsecured and sliding around in your cab or bed.

If the time has come to get your tools organized and protect them from the elements or from theft, read on to learn about the top mount tool boxes for trucks in their respective class.


Most Practical

Lund Tradesman 8148 48-Inch Aluminum Top Mount TruckTool BoxThis Lund Tradesman 8148 48-Inch Aluminum Top Mount Truck Tool Box is a low-profile truck tool box made out of .06-inch diamond plate aluminum for a durable exterior finish.

It’s the most practical choice on this list because it adds protective storage to your truck but doesn’t obstruct your ability to see out of the back window. Being able to see out of all your vehicle’s windows is obviously important for safe driving.

The tool box also very subtle in that it won’t alter the look of your truck dramatically. It’s low key and unassuming.

The Lund/Tradesman 8148 has gaskets that are water and rust resistant for longevity and easy maintenance. Whatever you decide to store in this tool box you can be comfortable knowing that it’ll be safe from the elements. It comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any type of failures due to faulty construction. The dimensions are 48-inches in length by 16-inches in width and by 12.75-inches in height, so it’s a versatile size that fits in both compact and full-size pickup trucks.


  • Very functional
  • Nice, sleek look
  • Weather resistant


  • Some customers have noticed warped doors due to the heat from welding
  • Shipping packing is minimal resulting in dents

Easiest Install

Better Built Top Mount Tool BoxThe Better Built Top Mount Tool Box main feature is it’s very simple and easy install. It literally just slides on top of the rail of the truck and secures in place. If you’d like to add additional support for it, it comes with two legs so that it can be secured better.

It also has a very convenient access, as it has a door that hinges downward making it very easy to open and you don’t have to hold it up. The box has lid cables so to prevent over-extension of the lid. It’s got T-handle latches so that the door stays secured shut when you’re on the go.

The Better Built has seems that are completely welded shut. It has a continuous piano hinge so that there are no weak points and it’s built to last. It’s sealed throughout to keep moisture and the elements out.


  • This tool box sits on the rails of the truck’s bed so that keeps the rest of the bed free for storage.
  • Easy install
  • Weather sealed


  • Ships with only one wire of the door bearing its weight
  • Thin gauge aluminum

Unconventional Looks

Better Built 64210151 Top Mount Tool BoxThe Better Built 64210151 Top Mount Tool Box is another easy-to-install tool box so that once you buy it, there’s no painful installation, you’re just ready to go. This particular box has a white finish making it a unique color for a box and one that would match great with white trucks.

It has four small, low-profile T-handle latches that allow the box to make the most of space inside. It’s got a protruding lip to keep the elements out. It keeps rust out of the interior of the box and also ensure that your tools and equipment stay dry and clean.

This box features a solid body construction made of one piece so there are far less breakable elements or weak points to this box. It has smooth finished edges so that the bed of your truck or your bed liner remain free of dents or scratches.


  • Great looks
  • Top-grade weather sealing
  • Multiple T-handles for maximum security


  • Won’t fit the color scheme of every truck
  • Just hit the market, so not many real-life user reviews are available

Biggest Carrying Capacity

Lund Tradesman 86190 90-Inch 16-Gauge Steel Top MountTruck Tool BoxThe Lund Tradesman 86190 90-Inch 16-Gauge Steel Top MountTruck Tool Box is made for those who like their tool boxes big. At 12.8 x 90 x 12.8 inches and 135 pounds, they don’t come any bigger than this.

The great thing about this tool box is that even though it’s built to carry large loads, it’s shaped to fit on any size of truck, from big to small.


  • Lots of room for all of your tools
  • Built like a tank


  • On the heavy side so it’s going to add some weight and bulk to your truck

Best Value for the Money

Tradesman TALTM48 48-inch Aluminum Truck Tool BoxThe Tradesman TALTM48 48-inch Aluminum Truck Tool Box is a no-frills truck tool box that just gets the job done but does it right. Not only is it economical in its price but also in its use of space. Coming in at 48-inches in length by 16-inches in height by 12.75-inches in width and weighing in at a very modest 22 pounds, this tool box is light and compact.

Regardless of its affordable price, it still offers superior durability from its one-piece construction and is built-to-last.

It has included foam padding strips to protect the bed of your truck during installation and adds added security to keep it in place. The diamond-plated exterior is applied electrostatically giving it a clean, sharp-looking appearance but more importantly, it’s strong and weather resistant. It also comes with keyed locks, so you’re the only one who has access to your tools.


  • Low price
  • Excellent value
  • Geat durability
  • Lightweight
  • Strong handles


  • -Thin aluminum
  • -Some reviewers have noticed that their particular box had certain parts with faulty welds so quality control may be low

Top Mount Tool Boxes for Trucks3Picking a truck tool box is highly unique to your own specific needs and obviously your truck. From your budget to the size of your truck, this top mount tool boxes for trucks list gives you five choices of tool boxes that cover a range of uses and budget points.

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Because every truck owner’s needs are different, it’s important to take a look at the pros, cons and features of each tool box and compare them with your own specific needs and budget in order to make an informed decision.