5 Top Rated Tool Chests

Top Rated Tool Chests

Top Rated Tool Chests2It is of paramount significance to keep your tools regimented and accessible in order to work safely and resourcefully. And because these tools are quite a good investment so, that also makes it essential to take good care of them. When you store your tools properly and in a well-maintained way, they will certainly return the favor.

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There are various hand tools, garden tools, power tools and many others that need a proper storage. For all such tools and accessories, a tool chest is the best way of keeping them systematized whether in your garage or any other workplace. With integrated drawers and a lot of room, tool chests are the impeccable solution for dexterous tool maintenance. These five top rated tool chests are competent in solving chronic of the tool-clutter problems.


Best Toolbox Chest Arsenal

8 DrawerTool Box Chest by HomegearDesigned for professional mechanics and technicians, this 8 Drawer Tool Box Chest by Homegear provides a colossal storage potential. This incredible tool chest constructed from premium steel has three small drawers and three wide drawers for top-box. Two extra drawers are incorporated down below at the roll-cab for extra room. All the drawers have anti-slip mats and ball-bearing slides for its smooth functioning.

The overall dimension of the tool chest is 62 × 33 × 109 cm with four 3 × 1 inch strong swivel casters, of which two feature in-built brakes. This remarkable tool chest with black gloss finish is double-walled and offers a lockable top-chest. The drawers are spacious and can be moved easily with a touch of the hand.

This Homegear tool chest gives you safe and secured tool storage because of the lockable top chest and looks great in your work area because of its striking color and design. However, the drawers do not include drawer-dividers for categorized tool separation yet it is a good purchase considering its roll-over quality.

Highly Efficient Steel Tool Chest

26-Inch Steel Top Chest by ExcelThe 26-Inch Steel Top Chest by Excel offers the easiest way of storing tools in your garage or workshop. The tool chest comes with five aluminum-pull drawers and all of them comprise of ball-bearing slides that make the in-and-out movement of the drawers very smooth. You can pull them out to full-length without any effort. The overall size of the chest is 26 × 16 × 12 inches and its drawer can support up to 50 lbs. of tool weight.

The organizer is remarkably distinguishable because of its top storage compartment for added space and unique blue color. The robust steel body has incorporated recessed side handles that support in the easy movement of the tool chest. The powder-coated out-casing of the unit is scratch-resistant and makes it heavy-duty.

All the drawers of the chest can be locked with two keys by its lid-activated internal locking bar. You only have to make sure that the top of the chest is closed while locking the drawers and then your tools are in a trusted protection. It is one of the best solutions for the stowage of tools, hardware and other items.

Elegant and Commodious Tool Chest

26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest by WEN For perfectly organizing the tools, this 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest by WEN is an ideal solution with its heavy-duty construction and 3 deep drawers. The 12.6″ deep drawers are appropriate for accommodating all-sized equipment and feature self-locking45 mm ball-bearing slides. The drawers are 100-pound rated and come with protective drawer liners.

Constructed with 19-gauge steel and featuring lockable drawers, the unit is durable and an ultimate option for all the hand and power tools that you own. The elegantly built storage cabinet gives a total of 1159 cubic inches of stowage space. This intermediate chest with textured metal finish provides a keyed rear locking system for the immaculate safety of the tools.

As a part of locking mechanism, the drawers cannot be opened when the lid is closed. The drawers will pull themselves to full-length once you slightly open the lid. When you are looking for reliable and sturdy tool storage system for home use, this unit is just perfect.

Perfect Combination of Chest and Roller

24-Inch Steel Chest Roller Combination by ExcelWithout doubt, the 24-Inch Steel Chest Roller Combination by Excel excels in offering a solid and accessible space for storing all your tools. It has a pretty straight forward design and eight ball bearing slide drawers that give ample space for all tools of different shapes and sizes. The aluminum drawer pulls make the drawer-sliding very smooth and the side handles on either side of the frame are strong enough to help you move it.

The heavy-duty steel construction of the tool chest has powder-coated paint finish that prevents any damaging from scratch or chemical. The dimension of 28.5 × 26 × 15.5 inches is picture-perfect for situating it in your garage or shop. You can move the unit around with the help of in-built caster wheels that make its maneuverability effortless.

It has an added advantage of lockable top chest and spacious storage compartment at the bottom. However, the unit does not come with drawer mats and you will have to arrange it on your own, it provides drawer liners for sure. You can easily separate the unit into two parts where only the top parts are lockable and drawers on the roller part cannot be locked.

Extremely Spacious Tool Chest Center

5 Drawer HomeownerTool Chest Center by CraftsmanSpecifically designed for ideal tool storage, the 5 Drawer Homeowner Tool Chest Center by Craftsman consists of a top and bottom chest. There are 5 drawers of various sizes for storing a complete assortment of tools. Other big items like paint cans and cleaners can easily be placed in the huge storage compartment provided at the bottom of the tool chest. The top lid of the unit can be kept open all the time you work with its hinge support.

The product is constructed from durable steel and offers 12,573 cubic inches of storage with its overall dimension of 14 × 27 × 54 inches. It keeps your tools secured because of its keyed locking system and is easy to move around with its four caster wheels, out of which only one swiveled wheel has brake. It can also be moved from one place to another using its recessed plastic side handles.

The product offers no liners either in the drawers or in the shelves but the top box is attachable to the base for added safety. It has a locking bar that goes down the bottom box and locks all the drawers there. One of the other disadvantages is the absence of ball-bearing slides in its drawers.

Top Rated Tool Chests3These top rated tool chests are especially designed to optimize your space and working efficacy.

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They completely accomplish the aim of organizing your wide-ranging tools at one easy-to-access place.