The 5 Top Rated Truck Tool Boxes

Top Rated Truck Tool Boxes

Top Rated Truck Tool Boxes2If you are the proud owner of a truck, chances are you pack quite a lot of things into it. A truck tool box is a good way to organize everything you keep in your truck. From spare tires and brake fluid to rain boots and umbrella, a truck tool box will hold everything. However, before you make a purchase, you must keep certain things in mind. For starters, choose a size that will fit well into your truck.

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Do not buy a box that’s either too large or too small. Similarly, you shouldn’t also invest in something that isn’t sturdy and durable. Buy a tool box that is made from either aluminium or steel as it will stay with you for years. And last, pick up a truck tool box that is weather resistant and will securely hold everything that you put into it. Here are some top rated truck tool boxes that you can choose from.


A box full of convenience

Better Built Crossover Tool BoxThe Better Built Crossover Tool Box is an Amazon bestseller. It is made from aluminum and stainless steel. It comes with a locking paddle latch which keeps everything safely guarded inside the tool box. This tool box also allows you to organize your stuff using its 5 pocket plastic tray.

The manufacturing company has put hard work and dedication into making this product. This is evident from the tool box’s design. Its latch has been facilitated with an up and over rod which makes the latch quite easy to open — you can open it with even a single hand. Similarly, its strikers are self-adjusting and all its seams are fully welded. The tool box has also been provided with a weather sealed lid which protect it from corrosion and damage.

Most users have registered 100% satisfaction with this tool box. However, some users wished the tool box came with a mounting hardware and a more elaborate but simpler manual. However, the only minor gripe is that, at this moment, Amazon only sells it to its primary members

Designed to Perfection

Better Built Low Profile Single Lid Tool BoxThe Better Built Low Profile Single Lid Tool Box has a glossy finish and comes in two colors: black and white. It is made from either aluminium or steel and is thus, quite light in weight. If you want a tool box, that will accommodate everything, you should go for the deep tub design — it is much larger in size.

This tool box comes with a five pocket tray which allows you to organize your belongings. Its locking handle is quite easy to open as it has been facilitated with an up and over rod which can be moved with even a single hand. Its entire one-piece body construction is seamlessly welded. And, much like the other tool boxes from Better built, this set also has a weather-sealed lid which will protect the tool box from corrosion and damage.

Though most of the users have been satisfied with this purchase, some of the users complained about insufficient space. Some users also felt that the manufacturing company should have provided a mounting hardware with this tool box and the box must include a more explanatory manual.

Cheap and Best

UWS Aluminium Tool Box BlackThe UWS Aluminium Tool Box Black provides apt storage space. However, if you are looking for a big tool box, this is perhaps not the best choice. Other than the paddle handle lock, which is made of steel, the entire tool box is made from aluminium. Its aluminium construction makes this tool box quite light and thus, easy to carry.

This tool box has been facilitated with a connecting rod enclosure which keeps the contents of the box in place. The box has micro-seal stripping which keeps dirt, dust, and moisture away. Yet another good feature of this tool box is that it has self-closing struts. The lid opens wide enough for you to easily put into it anything you want. This tool box comes with a one-year warranty.

This product has earned good reviews and people have generally been satisfied with this purchase. However, the only minor gripe with this tool box is its size. If you are looking to fit in a lot of stuff into this box, you will be disappointed.

This is not Pandora’s box

Buyers Products All-Purpose ChestThis Buyers Products All-Purpose Chest has won many loyal fans. It is big enough to hold most of your utilities. Its entire capacity is 6.3 cubic feet, which is pretty amazing. It is also quite durable and will stay with you for many years.

This tool box has been designed using molded material. The molded material is a good manufacturing material as it does not rust or dent. The tool box has a double wall lid which keeps everything intact and in place. Its opening lid has been furnished with zinc clasps which not only makes it durable but also provides a contemporary design. The tool box has carrying handles which will make it easy for you to move this tool box from one place to another.

The Buyer Products chest has fared well with most of the buyers and they have recommended it to other users. However, a few users said that the latches, hinges, and handles were not sturdy enough and broke down quite quickly. There were some other users who thought this product is a tad bit expensive for what it offers.

Inexpensive and efficient

Pro Tuff BinThe Pro Tuff Bin is portable — you can carry it wherever you want. It is made from structural foam which makes it very light and thus, easy to carry. It’s black matte finish makes it look chic and smart. You can keep it anywhere in your truck and it will fit right away.

This tool box is 37″ in width. It is 20″ tall and 21″ deep. Thus, its size is quite apt for a truck. You will easily be able to fit in your most important tools. It comes with a lock cylinder and keys. Since it is made from structural foam, it is also rust proof.

The only issue with this tool box is that it is made from structural foam. Though this makes the tool box easy to carry, it also makes it fragile. Had it been made of steel or aluminium, it would have been the perfect choice for your truck. However, structural foam can easily be destroyed in bad weather. Thus, you must give this tool box a good thought before making the final investment.

Top Rated Truck Tool Boxes3Many manufacturers will claim that their products make to the Top Rated Truck Tool Boxes category. Be wary of such claims.

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Read the pros and cons of any top rated truck tool boxes before you buy them. If you do not have time, choose from any of the tool boxes reviewed before.