US General Tool Box for Sale

US General Tool Box for Sale

US General Tool Box for Sale2Whether you are looking to hang a picture frame, do major home improvements or put together furniture, you need a well-equipped toolbox to help you complete the job effectively. The US general tool boxes feature a variety of tool boxes and service carts ranging from simple tray carts to big drawer industrial roller cabinets to help you organize your shop.

The units can also be used individually or with other units to create storage system and can include drawer organizers, trays and add-on drawers to maximize tool storage space.

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Nevertheless, despite their construction and design differences, the US General tool box for sale offers several benefits that make them indispensable for every DIY. They offer a convenient storage for your tools enabling you to readily access them when you need them making your tasks quicker and more efficient.

They are also built with safety and security features, which keep your tools protected and reduces the risk of damage. Depending with your needs, the following US General tool boxes for sale offer the perfect solution.


The Affordable Stackable Tool Storage Perfect for any Garage

drawer roller toolcabinetThis drawer roller toolcabinet is a perfect stackable tool storage solution for your garage, shop, or work bay. This stackable tool box comes with industrial strength features that include lockable drawers, four 3-inch casters that include two fixed and two swivel casters with brake, and non-slip drawer liners that hold tools in place.

Other amazing features of this tool box include the top non-slip rubber mats, rust resistant black finish, chrome plated handles and a total capacity of 350 lbs., with 286.5 lbs. on top.

Buying this US General tool box for your garage offers you with a high quality stackable solution for your garage at less than twice the price. The tool box is built with a lockable top chest that includes three large and three small drawers and an intermediary locking chest including two drawers.

You also get a heavy-duty engineered steel cabinetry with internally joints that are welded for maximum durability. The other highlights of this US General tool box include three roller drawers that you can lock and the open compartment ideal for drills saws.

In addition to its cost effectiveness, the tool is also easy to assemble. Once you unpack the cartoon, you will be able to assemble the tool in less than 15 minutes using just one screw driver and a nut driver or a small socket as you only need to affix the handles and the casters at the bottom.

The Ideal Tool Cabinet for Beginners and DIY with Less Tools

Roller Cart Tool CabinetIf you are just starting out or a DIY with fewer tools to keep,the Roller Cart Tool Cabinet offers you the best value. It is highly durable and portable letting you learn the trade and complete tasks effortlessly making it great for almost any workshop or garage.

The garage tool weighs only 96 lb. and measures 38 -1/4 inches by 33 -1/2 inches and 17 – 1/2 inches. This glossy black storage chest box provides you with 6200 cu. inches of space to keep all your tools and can handle up to 580 lb. worth of equipment.

The highlights of this Rollercart Tool Cabinet Chest Box include a glossy black powdered coat finish that ensure that it does not rust and four smooth rolling swivel casters that ensure easy maneuverability around your work area. The drawers of this US General toolbox support up to 70 lbs per drawer and have folded edges with extra strong detents that secure drawers as you close.

The tool also comes with storage slots for screwdriver that are built into the cart inner frame. The cart tool chest box also comes with heavy duty 1 -3/8 inches ball bearing drawer slides that are engrossed to the cart for easy and resilient use.

The Most Affordable Tool Box with Ample Storage Space

Large Tool Box Rolling Service CartIf you are looking for a US General tool box that is very sturdy, affordable and with ample storage space and easy to roll around, the Large Tool Box Rolling Service Cart has a nice fit and finish making the ideal option.

This garage tool is easy to maneuver and you can use it to move up to 350 lb easily. This service cart uses four solid rubber casters to roll smoothly including two with locking capability. The tool cart is made of high quality materials and rust resistant powder coat finish making it ideal for every home, garage or shop.

The main highlights of this service cart include storage drawer that is lockable with two keys, 4-inch non marring casters including two casters with locking brakes. This service cart comes with both top and bottom trays, which offer you with plenty of storage room. The cart is also well built with strong 16 gauge chrome covered frame for maximum durability.

The Perfect Premium Tool Box for a Professional Mechanic

IndustrialCabinetIf you are in need of a roller cabinet that can support up to 3458 lb, the IndustrialCabinet is the best. The cabinet is made of industrial quality steel with superior finish and chrome handles. The cabinet also features large 6-inch industrial shock casters that feature rubber treads that enable it to roll easily under the heavy loads.

This cabinet is also designed with heavy duty ball bearing slides on all its 11 drawers allowing you to open the drawers easily. The cabinet also features spring latch that will keep the drawers closed until you release them to access your tools. The US General tool box has a glossy coated finish and treated fasteners that ensure that it can resist rust.

Other highlights that make this cabinet a worthy purchase include the 11 drawers that offer over 28200 cu. inch of space to keep all your tools. The cabinet also comes with rubber mats that are non slip to keep all your tools organized.

The Premium Industrial Roller Cabinet with Shock Absorbing Casters

Roller IndustrialCabinetThis Roller IndustrialCabinet is another high end roller cabinet that features rugged all-steel construction with precision welding. Other highlights of this superior cabinet include large 6 inch industrial casters designed with shock absorbing capability and with rubber treads that enables it to roll easily under weighty loads.

It also comes with an easy to lift spring latch that keeps the drawers closed until you release them to keep your tools safely and securely. It also features liners that are nonslip in all drawers and its compartments to keep all your tools organized. The drawers are lockable with keys and offer more than enough storage space for most mechanics making it the biggest in this list.

US General Tool Box for Sale3When looking for an US General tool box for sale, it is important to note that the US General has an extensive range of tool boxes making it one of the biggest manufacturers ranging from small to premium boxes.

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The high end tool boxes in this guide offer you the best value based on the construction while the other boxes are designed to offer you with maximum functionality at an affordable price. The ideal box will depend on the tools you would like to keep and your budget.