The 5 Best Craftsman Tool Sets

What is the Best Craftsman Tool Set

What is the Best Craftsman Tool Set2Searching for the best Craftsman tool set? You have come to the right place to compare. Whether you need a tool set for home or mechanical needs you will love these warrantied options. Carrying everything in organized carry cases will help with the speed of your work and clean up afterward. A lifetime warranty will ease your concerns.

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If you break a tool covered by the warranty it will be replaced or covered for you. This is the Craftsman way. Do you have a tool set already? If so do you have all the sizes you need? How about quality of work. Have you ever stripped a screw or bolt trying to use old less qualified tools? The good news is you will be able to solve all those problems and more.

With the selections below you will see how you can finally get the best out of every tool experience. Just think. What will you be using tools for? Where will you need to carry your tools? How many sizes will you need? All these are solutions ready for you collected onto this great list. Time to check it out.


Great Starter Set For The Money

Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics SetWith the Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Set you will enjoy a variety of applications. Designed to be used in the home and auto this is a great selection for the money.

It has an ample storage case. For keeping your tools organized which keeps your work faster. Perfect for quick use and quick clean up. Also comes with the three most common tool sizes. Fifty-six 1/4 inch driver sizes, fifty-four 3/8 inch driver sizes, and eleven 1/2 inch driver sizes. You’ll be able to easily switch from job to job.

Finally offers the Craftsman Tools lifetime warranty. Great for lifetime use if you break any Craftsman tool on this list simply return it under warranty. For the pros, a vast selection of driver sizes for most every job. All in one place. As for the cons, the screw driver bits not covered in lifetime warranty. Some common extensions for the ratchets are not included.

Perfect Homeowner Tool Set

Craftsman Evolv 83 Pc. Homeowner SetNext we have the Craftsman Evolv 83 Pc. Homeowner Set. This set offers a great selection of standard tools and specialty pieces. With a claw hammer and level for around the home jobs. All in one place. The selections think for you with added extension bar. Designed so that common home jobs are easier to reach with this extension bar for the most common size the 3/8 inch driver.

It allows you to quickly adjust appliances and fixtures. Also it lets you easily choose from both standard and metric tools. All contained in a well organized kit for speed of use and clean up. The pros of this set, it contains the basics you need for all jobs around the home. It is designed to help you gather all you need for standard jobs all in one place. And the cons, it is limited to home use. Standard issue tools and accessories for more professional such and industrial and automotive jobs are missing with this set.

Most Inclusive Tool Sets On The List

Craftsman 165 Piece Mechanics SetOn to the Craftsman 165 Piece Mechanics Set. Design with a mechanic’s needs in mind is what brings this set to the list. It is excellent for use on both home and mechanical jobs. If you need a set that will match the needs of your home, industrial, and auto jobs this one is perfect.

The set has a wide variety of both standard standard and metric sizes. This will prevent stripping bolts and add to the right fit torque on your projects and jobs. The wide variety is also the perfect selection of sizes. Nine-two sockets across three common sizes. Also includes extensions and universal joints for the more hard to reach bolts and nuts.

It offers several handy extras you will love that are included this kit. You’ll find twelve combination wrenches and more to help you complete jobs faster. The pros of this kit, ease of transport with a well designed carry case under twenty pounds full. Well thought out selections save you from ordering more pieces to complete most jobs. The cons of this kit, it may be confusing for those with little experience. The vast slight differences in the mechanic’s sized tools may be intimidating for everyday jobs like hanging pictures.

Excellent Multi-piece Screwdriver Set

Craftsman Slotted Phillips Screwdriver SetFor all of your screwdriver needs check out the Craftsman Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set. The choices included help you speed through fastening with proper length drivers. Don’t let improper torque stop you from saving screws from stripping. It goes the extra mile by delivering additional length screwdrivers for those hard to reach jobs anywhere.

This set contains both types of driver end so slotted and Philips head screws are no problem. The proper fit of the screwdriver end will help you finish most jobs the first time. This saves both time and money for you.

It allows you to choose from the widest variety of screwdrivers on this list. A hardware store at the end of your hand. A total of nine slotted end screwdrivers and seven Philips screwdrivers. All with just one click. The pros, an excellent selection of screwdrivers all in one place. Also the set is very nicely packaged for ease and speed of use on every job you need screwdrivers. Great selection of head sizes promises to save you screw heads and time. The cons, it only includes screwdrivers so will require another kit for a complete repair kit.

Most Well Rounded Option For All Jobs On This List

Craftsman 220 pc. Mechanics Tool SetFinally on to the Craftsman 220 pc. Mechanics Tool Set. Take a look at the most inclusive set on the list.

This tool set holds a superior number of sockets. Enjoy specific torque with one hundred and twenty-eight sockets for use. The expansive socket collection covers your varied repair and maintenance needs. It does covers all standard sizes. Also includes a forty-one screwdriver and nutdriver tip set.

Also contains hard to find hex heads. With a forty hex key set included you will easily solve your hex head needs with this expansive kit. The pros of this set, it has an especially wide variety of sizes and fits so it solves problems for both home and mechanic needs. It is organized well in the case for speed of work and clean up. The cons of this set, it may need extensions depending on jobs.

What is the Best Craftsman Tool Set3This is an excellent list of options for both home and mechanic jobs you might come across. Keep in mind your needs, what you already have, and what gave you problems last time you used tools.

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With the careful selection of this list you will see what you are missing in non-Craftsman quality can be yours with just a few clicks. Even if you are investing in your first set just one of the best in Craftsman tool sets will solve that problem too.