What Size Truck Tool Box Do I Need?

What Size Truck Tool Box Do I Need

What Size Truck Tool Box Do I Need2Are you looking for the perfect truck tool box that will keep your tools organized and safe from theft and weather? A quality truck tool box will help you solve the problems by providing you with a secure space where all your tools will stay put and locked.

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However, it is important to note that truck tool boxes come in different types and sizes and are designed for different purposes and different truck models.

Therefore, before you can purchase a truck tool box, you must first answer what size truck tool box you need. Furthermore, where the box attaches to the truck, the lid configuration, and presence of variable features such as the presence of trays and shelves inside the box can also affect the storage room. Depending with your truck bed and needs, you will find a right sized truck tool box from one of the following units.


The Ideal truck tool box for an average user

Lo-Pro Slimline Crossbed truck boxIf you are looking for a 70-inch truck tool box, you cannot go wrong with the Lo-Pro Slimline Crossbed truck box. Featuring a sturdy aluminum body construction, this truck tool box is ideal for the average user.

It is strong enough to handle the basics and does not take much of your truck bed leaving you with more useful bed space. The tool box also features a lid brace that is reinforced for exceptional strength meaning that you will not have to worry about the safety of your tools.

The Lo-Pro Slimline Crossbed truck box also comes with self-adjusting strikers that offer secure closure. Furthermore, featuring two stainless steel locking paddle handle latches, this tool box is designed to offer you with more than enough security for your tools. Despite being highly secure and sturdy, this truck tool box is easy to operate. It is easy to install, and the premium gas strut lets you open and close the lid easily with one hand.

The affordable truck tool box for a heavy user

TMS aluminum tool storageThe 49-inch TMS aluminum tool storage is one of the most functional and sturdy tool boxes in the market ideal for more than the average user. This truck tool box is built for a user looking for a unit that offers enough strength for a heavy user but at an affordable budget.

Measuring 49 by 15 by 15 inches, this tool box by TMS is ideal for tools storage in your vehicle. It is built of the heavy duty aluminum tread plate with a bright finish, which gives it an appealing look.

With this TMS Tote storage with a lock, you also do not have to worry about the weather. The tool box comes with a weather resistant door that ensures that all your tools will be well protected against the weather hazards. The box is also fully welded and comes with heavy duty hinge, heavy duty handles on each side and a lock and two keys for maximum security.

The Ideal truck box for users that need greater visibility

Slim Lo-Pro Crossbed truck box by IrontonIf you are looking for the truck tool box that offers you with greater visibility from the cab than the standard truck boxes, but with adequate storage room, you should buy the Slim Lo-Pro Crossbed truck box by Ironton.

This truck box features a low-profile, slimline design that takes up less room in the truck bed providing you with more space that is useful. In spite of its slimline design, the sturdy one-piece aluminum body construction makes the toolbox ideal for rugged use.

It also comes with reinforced lid-brace and self-adjusting strikers that provide more secure closure. This 60-inch Ironton Slim Lo-Pro Crossbed truck box also comes with foam pads to place between the toolbox and the railing of the pickup bed and holes for easy mounting with nuts and bolts.

The ideal truck tool box perfect all-purpose use

Poly All-Purpose Chest by Buyers ProductsIf you a looking for a truck tool box that you can also use depending on the occasion, the 6.3 cubic feet capacity Poly All-Purpose Chest by Buyers Products is a perfect choice. The tool box comes with a top opening lid with two zinc hasps, and you can mount it on the floor of your truck, garage, and trailers.

This truck box is ideal if you would like to keep all your tools in the same box irrespective of the occasion. For example, instead of moving your tools from your truck to the garage one by one, you can quickly and safely move the tool box storing all your tools.

This tool box by Buyers Products comes with built-in carrying handles for easy lifting as you move the box. The box rotationally molded material will also not rust or dent, which makes it perfect for different applications. You can mount it on the top of your truck bed or place it on your garage floor without worrying about the hazards. Furthermore, the double wall lid is rugged and secure for maximum safety and protection of your tools.

The Ideal Removable Truck Tool Box

Undercover SC300D Black Swing Case Storage BoxOne of the major problems most truck owners encounter is fitting their toolbox in a truck with tonneau covers. With the Undercover SC300D Black Swing Case Storage Box, that will no longer be a problem as it works with all tonneau covers whether hard, soft, rolling, or folding.

The design of this toolbox allows for a 3-inch clearance above the truck bed and can hold up to 75-pounds of the cargo or tools. This unit is perfect if you are looking for a secure place to keep all your gear. Furthermore, with this box, accessing your gear is easy. You simply need to pull a release lever without climbing or reaching over your truck bed.

The swing case storage box by Undercover is also easy to install and remove. It would take about 5 minutes to install the unit using included six self-tapping screws. This flexibility lets you take full advantage of your truck bed. When you need more space, you can quickly remove the box to have complete access to the truck bed.

What Size Truck Tool Box Do I Need3All these truck tool boxes are perfect, but for different users. In order to choose the right tool box, you should measure the height of the rails and the distance between the rails to ensure the box fits the truck bed.

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However, if you cannot find a perfectly fitting truck bed box, you should consider other options such as buying the all-purpose tool box or a removable tool box.