What Tool to Use to Cut Laminate Flooring?

What Tool to Use to Cut Laminate Flooring

What Tool to Use to Cut Laminate FlooringAlthough there’s the old saying that a “bad workman always blames his tools, you’ve still got the right tools for the job! Don’t listen to what others DIY websites say about ways to cut laminate flooring because laminate is man made material that contains resins and glues that ruins the cuttings edges of normal saw blades. Blades may blunt fast and you can easily burn motor of your power saw by trying to cut laminate flooring with a blunt or incorrect blade.

Therefore, you need to avoid circular saw or miter/chop saw to cut your laminate flooring unless you have specifically designed carbide tipped blade fitted. This will last for a long time but they’re worth buying if you want to venture into laminate floor installations for living because they’re expensive! They also throw up more dust and this dust from laminated board is not good for breathing in.


Tools you need to cut laminate flooring

Each laminate flooring tool listed here has a quick description and there’s more information on ways to cut laminate flooring under the list:

Utility Knife

With a utility knife, there is you need to change its blade frequently as they lose edge so that they cut properly. A dull blade won’t work effectively. You can also use utility knife to cut vinyl tiles squares around the corners for non-linear cuts and L-shaped cuts, if you heat the material in advance with the help of heat gun in order to make it flexible.

Dust Mask

This is first on the list. You definitely don’t want to spend weeks picking black bogies out of your burning nostrils due to dust from the wooden boards such as laminates as they can even cause cancer. It’s also important to keep the room well ventilated and dust to the minimum. Cut laminate boards over a bucket so that all dust falls straight in, which also means less tidying up when project is over..

Circular Saw

You can easily cut laminate plank material like any hardwood flooring with the help of circular saw right along the length of the piece with a power miter saw to cut off the ends.

Always use carbide-tipped blade specifically rated specifically for use with laminate material. Wooden blades won’t work with any laminate material and will just cut just few pieces of laminate before they dull out. Laminate planks mostly have top layer of melamine impregnated with aluminum oxide. This abrasive and hard material will wear quickly down any blades used to cut it. So avoid investing in expensive laminate cutting blades. Instead, go for cheapest available and install a new one after few hundred square feet of cutting.

Tape Measure

Well, its pretty self explanatory, as every person who owns a toolkit has one. You can opt for either big chunky one for odd carpentry jobs or a pocket tape measure.

Non permanent fine tip marker pen

Pencils may wear down quickly and when you’re laying dark flooring, you won’t be able to see pencil lines when cutting the board. You can buy a fine tip marker for marking as it also wipes off easily with a damp cloth afterwards.

Laminate flooring tap bar

The laminate floor tool kit available online and in many hardware stores have things like 10mm spaces for the expansion gap, a tapping block and a pull bar. The biggest thing you want in your fitting kit is the pull that which you can use to scrap piece of hardwood for the tapping block and 9mm ply off-cuts for the gap if you don’t want to invest in the entire kit. This bar is essential to get the last board in and for closing gaps between the end of boards. It has a soft pad stuck to the bottom so that it doesn’t scratch the floor.

Jigsaw + special Laminate Cutting Blades

This is the best power tool used for cutting laminate floors. It’s not only light but also has best blades that are cheap. As materials like laminate ruin saw blades instantly, you can buy packs of laminate specific jigsaw blades that are cheap enough you can easily throw away once they’re knackered.

Forge Profile Gauge

You can use it not only for laying laminate floors but also as a scribing tool. It’s the quickest way to scribe or cut timer perfectly into an irregular/awkward shape.

Combination Square

Combination square is much better than a try square as it can be easily used to mark square lines and also as a rule to quickly mark parallel lines when cutting boards to width.

Gorilla Glue

This glue can be used for different jobs such as wood, ceramics, metal and is waterproof and can also be stained, sanded or painted. It won’t get on your fingers.

Auger or flat wood drill bits

Drill bits are used to drill holes for radiator pipes. Get few pipe collars that match wood grain color and pattern to finely cover the expansion gap required around the pipes.


You can easily find these laminate floor cutting tools with many online sellers. The best way to get a good deal is to choose a reputable seller that offers quality products at affordable rates. Good tools will ensure quality results within a short time. So don’t hesitate to pay more in the beginning!