What Tools Are Made in USA?

What Tools Are Made in USA

What Tools Are Made in USAThere are dozens of proud American manufacturers that spotlight high quality, USA-made tools that prove handy for use by the public. Different manufacturers in the United States feature several brands, which often display durable and well-designed products proudly crafted in the country.

It is worth noting that every company in the US entails a manufacturing facility, which ensures that products are manufactured with the highest possible level of artistry. This article snippet focuses on what tools are made in usa, thus allowing shoppers to shop around with ease. In this regard, we’ll largely focus on the various types of tools produced in the United States of America, including hand held tools, power tools, painting tools, accessories, and many more. Let’s get started.


Painting Tools

Several painting tools are manufactured in the different states of the US, including CAN-GUN 1 that is crafted in Ashland, OR. This equipment encompasses a spray can handle that attaches to any standard aerosol can, such as window cleaners, lubricants, spray paints, adhesives and more. This allows for better control and ergonomic spraying. The CAN-GUN 1 is proudly produced in the US from recycled plastic.

Ladder’s Little Helper

The Ladder’s Little Helper is another tool made in the United States. It is an anti-slip ladder guide, which is fitted over gutters to prevent side-to—side movement of a ladder when in use. While this plausible safety idea is designed in Australia, it is manufactured in the USA (Kansas City). The raw materials are also sourced from within the United States.

Little Giant Ladders

The Little Giant Ladders are adjustable A-frame ladders that are made from aluminum. They are strong and light, and made in Springville, UT. All USA-made articulating ladders comprise up to five configurations:
– A-frame
– 90-degree ladder
– Staircase
– Scaffolding
– Extension

Additionally, there are a few models manufactured in USA with domestic and foreign parts. These include the following list:
– Classic Ladder
– Super Duty
– Revolution
– Skyscraper


Purdy implies to paintbrushes that are handcrafted in a variety of lengths, widths and bristle types. They are made in Portland, OR, and display wood handles that are very smooth. These incredible brushes are still manufactured in Portland up to date, although Sherwin-Williams purchased the Purdy brand back in 2004.

Power Tool Accessories

Montana Brand Tools

Montana brand tools typically comprise the drill and drive sets. They are largely manufactured in Ronan, MT. They may encompass the magnetic screw guides, titanium drill bits, and bit holders. The drill and driver are innovative tools that allow the screws to work effectively as required.

Power Shelf

The power shelf, which is manufactured in Plymouth, OH, is an outlet cover that is flawlessly packed with a small shelf. This small shelf is instrumental in keeping handheld electronics out of harm when it comes to charging, particularly with charge cords out of sight. It is typically crafted using recycled steel in the United States.

Welding Tools


The Accu-Strike is a chin-operated welding helmet for hands-free welding or grinding. This great tool is manufactured in Ord, NE.
Hobart Welders. All stick and Hobart MIG welders are manufactured in Ohio, US. Hobart is a company owned and operated by Illinois Tool Works. These tools are available from the NorthernTool.com.

Cutting and Sawing Tools

American Carbide

American carbide includes carbide end mills manufactured in South Easton, MA. These tools may also comprise router bits and blurs—all made in the US.

Atlas Cutting Tools

The Atlas Cutting Tools have their origin in Waterbury, CT. These tools include high-speed steel, carbide and cobalt-cutting tools that are made using domestic (USA-sourced) carbide.

Hand Tools

The hand tools that are proudly manufactured in the United States include Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools. The tools in question may comprise the sockets, ratchets, and wrenches. Virtually all these tools are rightfully manufactured in Sumter, South Carolina. The USA manufacturers possess the engineering talent and patents that help in revolutionizing the way sockets, wrenches and ratchets are designed and produced.


In a nutshell, many tools manufactured in the US typically imply that they are of high quality. This owes to the fact that USA manufacturers boast experienced engineering coupled with a rich history of excellence—the ingredients that are useful in instilling a sense of reliability and trust. Once you know what tools are made in usa, it becomes easier to acquire tools with the best quality and functionality in the entire globe.