What Tools Do Electricians Need?

What Tools Do Electricians Need

What Tools Do Electricians Need2Shopping for an electrician’s toolbox is a tricky affair. Some are designed with attractive features meant to win you over at the first glance. They, in turn, prove to be a total waste of money as they cannot perform the basic functions. However, others are engineered for functionality and high performance.

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There are particular brands known to produce the best tools and tool boxes hence giving you a hint on where to start your search. It is very important that you check to see that your narrowed down list of tool boxes bears all the important features that will make your work easier and keep you safe while at it.

Besides safety, it is important to consider the use of the box. Is it for professional, school or home use? Some are designed to be used for all three settings hence versatility. Here is a list of the top 5 electricians’ tool boxes in the market.


Durable and Compact Tool Box

Wiha Insulated Toolbox SetA factor that makes the Wiha Insulated Toolbox Set a preferred choice is its neat and compact design. Unlike ordinary tool boxes that are bought empty, this one comes with a wide variety of tools that any professional electrician may require.

All these tools are of high quality hence guarantee durability. The Wiha 32800 tool box has adequate storage space. It features four compartments; one is directly on the inside of the lid, two trays are in the mid section and a bottom section that is deeper than the rest.

The different compartments are used to store a specific type of tools. For instance, all the screwdrivers are stored in the same level of the compartment while the pliers are on another level. This enables you to find the preferred choice of tool quick and easy hence saving time.

The box case is watertight and lockable hence enhancing the security of your tools. Each tool is designed to sit in its specific socket hence holding it into place.

The case is easy to maneuver as it has fitted wheels and a pull and retract handle. You only need to drag it along to your workstation. However, there is a wider handlebar on the front part of the case in case you prefer to carry the case instead of pulling it.

Just like the case, the tools are of high quality and designed for industrial use.

Best Screwdriver Set

The The Titan Tools Electrical Tool Driver SetTitan Tools Electrical Tool Driver Set is an ideal choice for any electrician who’s interested in high performance. This high-quality set contains 7 screwdrivers of different sizes meant to serve different functions.

Each of these screwdrivers has magnetic drive tips which make work easy. The blades are insulated for applications of up to 1000 volt AC and 1500V DC. This makes them a perfect choice for an industrial setting. The hardened steel shank on each screwdriver guarantees durability.

The handles of this 7 piece screwdriver set are designed with controured grips for optimal comfort. There also are some rubber parts on the handles for a soft padding. This way, you can use the tools for an extended period of time comfortably. The different sizes see to it that the screwdriver set serves different functions.

This set is best for home and private use. The tips and shaft are known to break when put into hard industrial use.

Best Purchase On A Budget

28-piece Electrician Toolset from Klein ToolsThe 28-piece Electrician Toolset from Klein Tools is designed for heavy commercial use. Just as the title implies, it contains an assortment of tools that any electrician may need. If you need to purchase electrical tools once and for all, this is the ideal choice for you.

These include; one diagonal cutting pliers, one pump pliers, long nose pliers, a side cutting pliers, an adjustable wrench, two cabinet tip screwdriver, a wire bending screwdriver, two keystone tip screwdrivers, a square recess tip screwdriver, a conduit-fitting 7 reaming screwdriver, a Rapi-Driv screwdriver, a power return rule, 7 nut drivers, a torpedo level, a crimper/cutting tool, a wire stripper, a utility knife, one piece protective eyewear, and a canvas zipper bag.

Best Value for Your Money

58-piece Tool Kit for ElectriciansIf you are looking for a variety of functional tools at a small budget then the 58-piece Tool Kit for Electricians is a worthy consideration. This tool kit is small and compact hence facilitating portability. It is designed to fit in backpacks and small sized personal bags without weighing them down.

It contains; an 8-inch wire stripper, 17 pieces of assorted bits, a 6 piece precision screwdriver, 9 pieces Allen Wrench set, a flashlight with clip, diagonal cutting pliers, and 5 piece socket; 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 11/32 inch and 3/8 inch.

This tool set is compact and easy to maneuver. Upon unzipping the carrier, all the tools are well organized on either part of the flap. These are then strapped into place using elastic bands.

It is important to note that some of the tools and accessories are weak hence not ideal for heavy industrial use.

Best for Industrial Use

The insulated The insulated Electricians Hand Tool Set from BovidixElectricians Hand Tool Set from Bovidix is a tool box that is engineered to perform most electricians’ tasks. It comes fully contained with all its tools hence an all-in-one box.

All the tools in this box are well insulated and are also VDE approved. A crimping tool is commonly used by electricians for quick change ratcheting. The one contained in this toolbox has 4 attachments. Each of the screwdrivers is well insulated and individually tested during production. This is is line with the strict guidelines of the VDE.

The Bovidix 38041390 tool chest is made of a strong metallic exterior. All the tools have their designated individual sockets for placement. This also guarantees proper organization and saves time as it is easy to locate the tools at all times.

A strong and secure handlebar is fitted at the side of the box to facilitate easy portability.

What Tools Do Electricians Need3There always is a tool box for everyone out there. It is, however, advisable that you check and see that a particular tool box meets all your standard requirements before settling on it.

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Safety will always be the number one concern for any electrician so see to it that your ideal tool box meets this requirement.