The Best 5 Tool Boxes to Buy for Your Truck

Where Can I Buy a Tool Box for a Truck

Where Can I Buy a Tool Box for a Truck2Tool boxes for trucks have always been one of the most reliable and essential things to have for workmen. Not only do they offer a centralized place to store all your equipment, they also secure them from theft or damage.

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It definitely is frustrating to have your tools stolen or damaged by rain, snow, heat, dust, etc. Tool boxes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. It definitely isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of scenario.

Tool boxes can be purchased at hardware stores or online but it certainly helps in doing your research before making a purchase. That’s why we have put together a list of 5 top of the line truck tool boxes. Boxes are usually made out of aluminum, polyethylene, steel, and stainless steel. They’re also available in different forms – crossover, low profile, gull wing, underbed, side mount, etc.


Top Rustproof & Lightweight box

Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose ChestThe Buyers Products Poly All-Purpose Chest is a polyethylene truck tool box. The advantage in this material is that unlike most metals, it’s completely rust proof and really lightweight. Having a volume of 6.3 cubic feet, the box is rotationally molded to provide added protection.

The double wall lid makes it rugged and secure with handles built in for easier lifting. At the same time, one must remember that it’s easier for someone to break into a plastic box than a steel one, and so here the box scores lower than it’s steel counterparts. Customers have also voiced differing opinions on the box’s ability to keep tools dry in wet weather.

Locking latches don’t seem very durable as there have been reported cases of the latches breaking within a few weeks of use.For the price, it’s a pretty good buy but not such a great fit for the heavy duty users. This is mainly due to the polyethylene material which will not be as durable as steel when subjected to heavy tools and rough use.

Shiny, sturdy side mount!

Lund 5748 Challenger Series Side-Mount Specialty Storage BoxHere’s a high-end model for you – the Lund 5748 Challenger Series Side-Mount Specialty Storage Box is made out of the finest quality Diamond plate aluminum. The ‘diamond’ plate pattern makes the box very durable and tough and so does the dome style lid. Aluminum is lighter compared to steel and highly rustproof and will not wither away easily.

The lockable paddle handles are quick release, stainless steel handles which offer added security. The lid is also opened very easily due to twin gas struts. The J-Bolt mounting hardware ensures that no drilling is required to fit this into the truck bed. This box is a great fit for those who need the box to be mounted on their trucks.

On the other hand, certain customers have raised their doubts on the security this box provides. The lightweight material seems to allow the lock to open easily when force is applied. We also advise checking if your truck’s dimensions would allow this box to be fitted easily. A great box for those who definitely need a tool box attached to their truck. The sturdy build of this aluminum box allows storing heavy tools and traveling with them over long distances. A true mark of superior strength and rigidity.

All steel, all real!

International TB-20D 31-Inch Utility BoxTheInternational TB-20D 31-Inch Utility Box is made of 22 Gauge steel with a reinforced lid. The side handles are conveniently placed to allow easy lifting. However, the box does not possess an inbuilt lock and you would need a separate lock to secure this.

The box is rain proof but some customers have pointed out that strong winds along with the rain might drive water inside the box. Drilling holes are not indicated on the box. It’s to be used more as a portable one which can be taken directly to the job site.

The box is competitively priced and promises to be a handy tool for workmen who need to be constantly on the move and keep their tools and equipment secure. The steel is what gives the box it’s weight but it’s also what gives the box it’s sturdiness and durability.

Best for camping, gardening purposes

Rubbermaid 1191 35 Gallon ActionPacker Storage BoxRubbermaid’s super portable box Rubbermaid 1191 35 Gallon ActionPacker Storage Box has a very different use case than the normal truck boxes we have talked about here. Suited more for camping, gardening and carrying other contractor-related tools around.

The box is also very light and dent and weather resistant. You could safely carry your equipment in the rain with this box. It also has stackable containers which can easily be tied down with bungee cords. The lockable latches do not come with a padlock. Some customers have opted to buy a small number combination lock to give that added security. Rubbermaid is a very reputed brand and this is definitely one of their top class products.

The lightweight frame coupled with convenient hatches are what make this product an all-purpose storage solution. It’s also hard to ignore how these boxes can be stacked on top of each other and immediately offer more convenient storage options.

High capacity Tuff box

Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile ChestThe Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest has a much higher capacity of 50 gallons as compared to Rubbermaid’s 35 gallons. Maneuverability is one of the main features of this product. With wheels at the bottom, it can be easily transported from one place to another like a luggage bag. The wheels are heavy duty and the box also has a sturdy build.

The 2X4 inch grooves on the lid make it very easy to carry around as well. Unless someone has some serious tools and skills and a good amount of time, breaking into the box is very tough.Certain customers happen to be US armed forces who have purchased this and they have been happy with the box, finding it more convenient and suitable to their needs.

Though, some customers have complained about water leaking into the box. There have also been reports of damages to the box during shipping. From carrying around general tools to even storing essential items around a barn, this tool is being used in every way imaginable by customers. As long as 50 gallons of space is enough for you, purchasing this box is a pretty sweet deal.

Where Can I Buy a Tool Box for a Truck3As you can see, these 5 tool boxes present a very wide variety of applications and scenarios where one could them. They also take on different uses for different individuals with some workmen using boxes attached to their vehicles and portable ones too.

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A tool box can work wonders and still remains one of the best ways to secure all your tools and equipment in an organised manner!