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Where to Buy Occidental Leather Tool Bags

Where to Buy Occidental Leather Tool Bags2Have you been wasting much time trying to reach for the right tool from your tool bag? Have you been forced to climb down the ladder unnecessarily to pick a tool from the ground? Have you been stuffing fasteners and hand tools into your shirt pocket or pants when on the job?

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If so, then a well organized tool bag is just what you need to have harmony with your tools. The bag should be organized in such a way that the dominant hand has access to the mostly used tools. This review provides information on occidental leather tool bags and directs you where to buy them.


Most Spacious Tool Bag

OccidentalLeather OxyLights 3 pouch tool bagNothing beats the OccidentalLeather OxyLights 3 pouch tool bag when it comes to storage space. Measuring 10 x 5 x 12 inches, the 1.6-pound bag has pouches large enough for any on-the-run tool. The bag is designed with three compartments to assist insorting the tools according to size. However, the 3 pouch tool bag lacks compartments for holding specific tools. Nevertheless, it is a great accompaniment for carpenters as it perfectly holds chisels, torpedo level, lumbar crayon and work knife among other tools.

An attractive feature of the 3-pouch bag is its usability as the pouches are conveniently located over each other. As a result, you can easily pick the required tool without taking your eyes off the job. With a special pouch for tape measure on the front and a hammer holder, you have easy time picking the tools with your dominant hand. The bag is not only strong but also esthetically appealing and features a sturdy 1 1/2– inch leather straps made of domestically tanned leather.

Pros of the OxyLights 3 Pouch Tool Bag

  • Accommodates many tools
  • Lightweight but sturdy


  • Tools may mix up as they go to common pouches

Bag With Easiest Access for Tools

OccidentalLeather 8582 Fat Lip tool bagUniquely designed, the OccidentalLeather 8582 Fat Lip tool bag addresses most of the challenges common with most bags. This bag features a distinctive leather fat lip on the mouth that helps to keep the bag open. While it is common for leather bags to suffer abrasion, the rigid leather fat lip keeps the bag formed and protected from surface scratches.

Another appealing feature of the fat lip tool bag is the accessibility of its compartments. Deep pouches act as secure storage for specific tools, while tools used by the helper hand can be stacked in the space between the front and rear surfaces. These tools are highly accessible as the bag is ever wide open. You will certainly be amazed by the 10-inch deep leather pouches that perfectly hold your tools in place. The bag may have fewer compartments than featured in other bags, but fortunately they are large enough for any tool.

Its composition features both hand-tanned leather and high grade nylon fixed at the right place, while the top side has a flat leather pad that adds to its stylishness. The straps are wide enough and comfortable to the waist. While most users report being comfortable with every feature of the bag, others prefer a bag that can be closed when not in use.


  • Tools are highly accessible
  • Strong leather ring protects the bag from abrasion.


  • Being wide open, the bag collects dust easily.

Best Bag for Drywall Pros

Occidental Leather 5070 Drywall PouchIf you are looking for a leather bag for medium-sized tools then look no further. With strong holders both within and on the sides, the Occidental Leather 5070 Drywall Pouch is suitable for metal snips, saws, circle cutters and tools of a similar size. The all leather bag is lightweight as it only weighs 1.4 pounds, and measures 12 x 10 x 6 inches. This bag features an exceptional tool organization and is well suited for lathers and drywall pros.

For convenience of carrying heavier devices such as the hammer, the Drywall Pouch has a metal hammer loop on its face. The hammer holder is centrally placed unlike in most other drywall bags, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed users. Additionally, it has a board knife pocket on its side that is filled with epoxy to boost its resistance to tear. The 5070 Drywall pouch is reinforced with rivets for extra strength.


  • Strong with large pouches
  • Adapted for both lathers and Drywall pros

Best in Aesthetics

Occidental Leather 8580 M ToolBag SetThe Occidental Leather 8580 M ToolBag Set is one of the most appealing pouches ever made by Occidental Leather. From the pouches to the fastener and the usability of the bags, everything about the bag set is just awesome. Two medium-sized padded bags joined by a leather fastener provide organized space for small tools.

Storage for larger equipment is catered by including hand specific tool holders such as a metallic hammer loop and a gizmo holder for a phone. Made of extremely abrasion-resistant nylon, the set is not only good looking but durable.

Incredible detail is paid in the holders of the 8580 M to ensure the tools are stable. Whether you are a carpenter, plumber, flasher or anything that requires running around armed with tools, this bag will definitely impress you. This bag is meant to last long even if it is used regularly. Considering its usefulness, the 8580 M Tool bag set is a must-have for those in the construction industry.


  • Separate pouches provide excellent tool organization
  • Attractive

Best Bag for Huge Tools

OccidentalLeather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Bag SetAn upgrade of the 8580 M is the OccidentalLeather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Bag Set designed for carpenters. Rather than having a long belt joiner between the bag sets, they are co-joined and fitted with adjustable straps on the ends. You know you got a bag worth your monies when you see the huge compartments that can virtually accommodate any tool.

The side pouches are wide enough to even accommodate a cordless drill. Better still, the nylon is reinforced with leather at the bottom so you can comfortably carry heavier tools.

Weight is evenly distributed through the fat lip belt, relieving you the discomfort of a loaded belt. Most users like the 5-pound bag for its enormous pouches. Two ten-inch deep bags are dedicated for the storage of tools with a hammer holder included on the rear. However, it would be a great idea to increase the size of the phone holder as it cannot accommodate some smart phones.


  • Enormous compartments accommodate huge tools
  • Weight evenly distributed on the fat lip straps


  • Phone holder too small for large smart phones

Where to Buy Occidental Leather Tool Bags3Have you been shopping for tool bags only to end up disappointed? Look no further, the five bags outlined in this guide are among the best in the market. The good news is that in addition to the detailed review you have also been directed where to buy occidental leather tool bags.

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